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Capital Smart City Interchange Approved | Behind the Lens

Mar 30,2022

Islamabad is not only the capital city of Pakistan but also popular for the latest housing schemes. One of the hottest topics of the year is the fast development of Capital Smart City in Islamabad. The real estate sector in Islamabad has seen an evident rise in demand for residential and commercial plots. Therefore a large chunk of commitment was fulfilled by the developers in the shape of the Capital Smart City interchange.  

Role of Developers for Capital Smart City Interchange

The developers, Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (FDH) promised their investors of a dedicated entrance and exit for the Capital Smart City.

The promise was fulfilled when NHA (National Highway Authority) commenced a meeting for Capital Smart City's interchanged approval. This delicate improvement will shape the new amenities within the real estate projects shortly.

The Importance of Location

Capital Smart City is located on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, just a 6 minutes drive from the airport. The strategic location is only 9.2 km away from the M-2 Toll Plaza. Therefore the need for an M-2 interchange was critical for ease of accessibility back and forth from the housing scheme between the twin cities and Lahore with other adjoining areas. 

The M-2 interchange will lie somewhere between 33.2 point number to 33.3 point number - opposite Chach Dam. 

The total area of these points is 3.68 km. People can further access the Capital Smart City interchange via Mandwal bridge, a public access point nearby to the M-2 motorway. This intervention will add a new route to the Capital Smart City interchange towards the entrance of the housing society. 

Purpose of the Interchange

An interchange is designed to accommodate road transport. it s a road junction that separates the moving traffic between two or more highways with the interconnecting roadwards. It permits the traffic to pass through the junction without any traffic interruption from cross traffic streams. 

Interchange construction is most useful when a road is controlled-access highway (motorway). 

3 Benefits of Capital Smart City Motorway Interchange

The ability to use a highway facility depends on the extent of the intersecting traffic patterns. Developing an interchange at M-2 motorway can improve the operations on both roodways.

A heavy investment is required to implement this change for the road transport, therefore Capital Smart City is the priority location and the strategic design will benefit in following ways. 

1. Smooth Traffic 

Two traffic light phases are usually required at an intersection. Therefore the interchange offers more accommodation for the conflicting right and left-hand turns. It reduces the traffic onset and adds more efficiency and capacity for the vehicles to pass by. 

2. Safer Rides

Car crashes are most common on motorways. The vehicles are coming at such a high speed that the chances of a disasterf event increase. Interchange offers the exit a driver needs to avoid conflict points. 

3. Cheaper Costs 

An interchange is constructed o the existing road networks. It reduces the initial effort of building a new road connection. Whereas an interchange offers an extension of the existing routes to new lanes moving forward to an exit. 

4. Increase in Demand

A well-connected real estate area is always in high demand. Because the housing society now offers a direct exit and entry point to the residents, people from the surrounding area can reach Capital Smart City without getting stuck in the traffic, making their ride smoother. 

Therefore, the incoming traffic towards Capital Smart City will increase affecting the increase in plot rates. 

Take Away

Based on its configuration, the M-2 interchange offers a direct exit point from the motorway toward Capital Smart City. The interchange will offer more assistance to the drivers to navigate the motorway carefully. 

The Capital Smart City interchange approved by NHA offers more trust and goodwill in developers and the effort taken by the government is a much-needed one. 

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