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Build your Home: Construction Cost of a 5- Marla House in 2021

Jul 09,2021

Building a perfect home requires perfect planning. A true home-maker knows the importance of a well-structured house. Purchasing a custom-built house might be a feasible option at hand for many. And as a matter of fact, for many building a house on its own may sound scary and impossible. Many people do not know the market costs and rates of many house-building materials, so they become unable to make an approximate estimate of the construction cost of a 5-Marla house.

In this article, we will guide you about the prices of house building materials available in the market. And we have also quoted their estimated quantities required to construct a 5-Marla house:

All you Need to know about the Construction Cost of a 5-Marla House

Here we have given all the cost of materials required to construct a double-story 5-Marla house in Pakistan. We have divided these costs into two categories. One is the 5-Marla House Grey Structure Cost, and one is the 5-Marla House Finishing Cost.

Total Covered Area of a 5-Marla House in Square Feet

The total covered area of a double-story 5-Marla house is 1,975 square feet. It has two kitchens, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a veranda. The covered area of the first floor is 910 square feet, and the covered area of the second floor is 890 square feet.

A 5-Marla house construction can be a bit complicated for first-timers. Hence, we have elaborated the whole procedure into two parts:

  • Cost of a grey structure 
  • Cost of a finished house

This separate estimation can help you understand the construction cost of a 5-Marla house.

5 Marla House Grey Structure Construction Cost

Standard building materials included in the construction of a grey structure are: 

Bricks, sand, cement, Bajri, Kassu, rebar (steel bars)/sariya, and safety grills.

Some procedures like electric wiring, plumbing, and installation of the main gate, are also included in the grey structure.

The required quantity of all the materials for a double-story 5-Marla house and their updated rates as per market in 2021: 

To build the grey structure, one of the things of primary importance is the labor cost.

Total Labor Cost

Labor in Pakistan is available, and their work per square foot can be estimated. 

Labor cost is highly attached to the amount of time required to build the house. Therefore, it is charged at a per-hour rate. Usually, contractors are responsible for bringing in the labor. And they stay with the project from beginning till end. They are responsible for the building of the grey structure and finishing as well. A contractor eases your workload, as he knows how to make laborers work on deadlines.

The reason is that laborers work on hours, and they try to prolong their work period to increase their per-day wage. So, if you hire a contractor, they will make them work on deadline and finish the house construction on time. This will save your construction cost of a 5-Marla house.

Per square feet rate for laborers is different in different cities. At a  standard rate, the laborers would charge around PKR 390 per sq. ft., which would take the total amount of a double-story 5-Marla house to around PKR 770,250.

It is the estimation for general labor cost incurred for a 5 Marla house. It does not include electric work, plumbing, flooring, tiling, and other miscellaneous work of the house.


Brick is the building block of a house. The estimated number of bricks required for a double-story 5-Marla is 50,000. The Awal quality brick available in the market cost Rs. 12. So, the total cost of bricks that will incur will be 600,000 PKR. 


Another vital component to build a strong foundation of the house is sand. The sand in Pakistan is extracted from the river bed of Ravi. The sand is of good quality if it’s coarse and grey. The quantity of sand required is 3,150 cubic feet. It is available in the market at the rate of Rs. 20 per cubic feet. The total cost that will incur on the sand is PKR 63,000. The sand from river Chenab is of better quality. You would need 700 cubic feet of this sand too. The rate of Chenab sand is Rs. 35. So, PKR 24,000 also added to the total cost.


The best type of gravel (bajri) is Margalla gravel. It reinforces floors and roofing. The estimated quantity of Margalla for lenter to construct the roof of the house is approx. 900 cubic feet. The market rate per cubic foot is Rs. 80. So, the total cost that will incur is PKR 72,000.

There is another option of Sargodha gravel which is slightly lesser in price and quality. The market price for bajri is Rs.65. This gravel is used in building the floor of the house. The total cost will be 39,000 PKR. 

The Rori will cost you an additional 25,000 PKR.

Total estimation Cost for Bricks, Sand, Bajri, and Rori = PKR 823,500


The fundamental building material. You must use fresh and good quality cement; to build your dream house. To construct a double-story 5 Marla house a total of 525 bags are required. The price of one cement bag is 625 PKR. The cost that will incur is PKR 338,625.


This material is a mixture of mitti and sand. It is used to fill the empty plots. It will cost around 50,000 PKR.


Another super important material to body a robust structure of the house is Sariya. Generally, 60-grade steel is used for the reinforcement. The total amount of rebar required for a 5-Marla house is 3 tons (3,000 kg). The cost price of sariya per kg is Rs.134, the total cost that will incur is PKR 414,000.

Total estimation cost cement, Sariya, and Kassu is PKR 802,625

Let’s move onto the other expenses: 


As mentioned earlier, plumbing is included in the formation of grey structures. Plumbing work comprises water supply pipes installation, sewerage pipes installation, gas supply pipes, and the overall drainage system of the house. The total cost of a 5-Marla house plumbing including labor and material will incur PKR 115,000.

Electrical Wiring 

Approximately PKR 50,000 will incur on the wiring of the whole house. It includes material and labor costs. Electrical wiring is a critical process to ensure the safety of the house residents. It is recommended to hire a professional for this work.

Total estimated Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 165,000

5 Marla House Construction Cost of Main Gate

The main gate cost is also a part of the grey structure. The estimated amount for a steel gate is around PKR 70,000 for a 16 or 18-gauge steel gate.

Moreover, steel grills and steel door frames are also included in the structure. For a 5-marla house, Chougat steel of 16 gauge is required, which will be used to make the door frames. That will cost around PKR 60,000. An estimated budget of PKR 66,000 will incur on 16-gauge grills.

Total estimated Cost of Grills, Gate and Chougat Steel = PKR 196,000

Other Expenses

It is to be mentioned that other expenses should also be included while estimating the total cost. Other expenditures include a septic tank and termite spray. A concrete water storage tank made out of cement usually costs Rs.12,000. 

For your convenience, make your house bug-free. It has health importance, as the termites and ticks cause infestation into places with high saturation of moisture and dampness. The total cost for controlling termite infestation is PKR 19,500.

One more thing that should be of significance is the waterproofing of the roof. It will cost around PKR 65,000.

The total cost of miscellaneous expenditures  is PKR 96,500

The total cost to build the grey structure of a 5-Marla house is PKR 2,853,875, after adding up all the expenses.

Finishing Cost of a 5 Marla Double Story House

After completion of the grey structure, the cost of material and labor required to complete a finished house is:

5-Marla House Double Story Construction Cost of Flooring

According to new home décor standards, terrazzo (chips) is outdated. Nowadays marble, granite, and porcelain tile floorings are top choices. 

Beginning with the flooring process, nowadays, people prefer tile flooring. Master tiles are one of the leading tile brands in Pakistan because of their quality and multiple designs.

Estimated quantity and price of tiles/marble for a double unit 5-marla house:

The total price of flooring would be PKR 237,000. That is the cost of around 158 tiles 2 x 2, required for the flooring of the whole house at Rs. 1500 per square meter. This amount does not include the floors of the garage, bathroom, and terrace.
For the bathroom, you require approximately 65 tiles. At the rate of PKR 1500 per square meter, they will cost around 97,500 PKR

  • To cover the floor of the terrace, you need 18 tiles at the rate of PKR 1250 per square meter.
  • The total cost for the tile flooring on the terrace; would be PKR 22,500.
  • The total number of tiles needed to cover the garage floor is 22. At the rate of Rs. 1250 per square meter. The total cost that will incur is PKR 27,500
  • If you need marble stairs, that will cost around PKR 115,000
  • The kitchen countertops and shelves will cost around PKR 30,000
  • Additional cost will go into other materials like bonds, glue for installation will cost around Rs. 35000
  • The cost of labor for the process of tile installation is PKR 145,000.

Cost of Tiles and Marble = PKR 709,500

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is a part of the grey structure. Now, the finishing part includes the installation of electrical components like switches and sockets.

The estimated cost of some basic electrical objects in a 5-marla house:

Approximately 15 switchboards with push buttons will be required for the whole house. A single switchboard will cost around Rs. 850, the total cost that will incur would be around PKR. 12,750.

In addition to that, 18 power plugs will cost around PKR 8,550 at the rate of Rs. 475 per plug.

  • If you install lights, lamps, and chandeliers, they will cost around Rs. 130,000.
  • The estimated number of fans required in a 5-Marla double unit is 9. Fans will cost around PKR 54,000 at the rate of Rs. 6000 per fan.

Bathrooms and the kitchen also require exhaust fans. An exhaust fan will cost around Rs. 2500. For a 5-Marla, six fans are needed, which will cost around Rs. 15,000.

Circuit breakers will cost around Rs. 30,000

Electrical wires and cables are also needed, which will incur the cost of Rs. 75,000.

And lastly, the electrician will charge around Rs. 25000 for the electrical work of the whole house.

Total Estimated Cost for Electrical Components = PKR 350,300

Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings

A 5-Marla house usually contains three bathrooms. So, three bathrooms will have three commodes at the rate of Rs. 18,000, which will cost around 54,000 PKR. 

Installation of sinks for vanity per bathroom will cost around 27,000 PKR at the rate of Rs. 9000 per vanity. If you go for complete bath sets, they will cost around 57,000 PKR for three bathrooms. And hanging bath sets for three bathrooms will cost around Rs. 15000. 

There are two kitchens in a 5 Marla house. You would require two hoods at the rate of Rs.38000 per unit. Likewise, two kitchen wash basins would cost around Rs. 16000.

The plumber will charge Rs. 20,000 for the installation of these items.

Total Estimated Cost for Kitchen & Bath Accessories = PKR 285,000

Finishing of the Walls and Ceiling

A fully finished house requires paint on the exterior and interior walls. Plus, the ceiling of the house also requires finishing. The base coat on the walls must be perfect. So, always hire a professional for the task to be done spotlessly. The total cost that will incur for painting the house will be Rs. 300,000.

The price of a false ceiling that includes material and design cost is PKR 65 per sq. ft. So, the cost would be PKR 107,250 for a 1,650 sq. ft. area.

Total Estimated Cost for Paint and Ceiling = PKR 437,250

Finishing of Windows 

The windows in the house include window frames, wire mesh, and glass panes. 

The glass and the frames made out of aluminum will cost around Rs. 225,000. 

Mirror installation in the house will cost Rs.20,000, and the railings on the staircase will cost Rs. 85,000.

The Total Estimated Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 330,000

Woodwork Finishing

Woodwork is required for doors and to build cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, wardrobes in bedrooms, and an entertainment center in the lounge. 

The wood panels available in the market rates vary from vendor to vendor. You can choose according to your budget and the quality of wood finishing you require in your house. 

Malaysian plywood doors would cost around PKR 165,000. Additional cost for brass fittings and doorknobs will be Rs. 26000. 

Other than that, bedroom wardrobes are made of Formica sheets, which will cost around Rs. 180,000. 

  • The woodwork in the kitchen will cost around 150,000 PKR 
  • The entertainment center in the lounge will incur the cost of Rs. 50,000

Total Estimated Cost for Woodwork = PKR 571,000

The total finishing cost of a 5-marla house after adding all the prices comes up to PKR 2,683,050.

The total estimated construction cost of a 5-Marla house is calculated by adding all the expenditures listed separately.

Now, let us add the cost of the grey structure into the cost of the finished house. It will sum up to PKR 2,853,875 + PKR 2,683,050 = PKR 5,536,925.

5 Marla House Basement Construction Cost

The total covered area of a 5 Marla house is relatively small. If it is a double-story building, then a family of 10 people can adjust spaciously. However, if it is a single-story structure, you should think of getting a basement. 

It is a trend as well as it can help you with extra space. Here we have mentioned the estimated 5 Marla house basement construction cost that you will have to pay to construct a basement consisting of:

  • A bathroom
  • A Bedroom
  • A lounge
  • A store-room

Some other costs that you have to pay while building a basement at the same rates of materials and labor mentioned earlier include:

Materials Required

  • Cement at the rate of Rs. 270 per sq. ft.
  • Sand at the rate of Rs. 90/ cubic ft. 
  • Crush at the rate of Rs. 200/ cubic ft. 
  • Steel at the rate of Rs. 561/sq. ft.  
  • Bricks at the rate of Rs. 561/sq. ft.  
  • Gravel at the rate of Rs. 27/sq. ft.  

Labor Cost

  • Contract at the rate of Rs. 400/sq. ft.  
  • Electrician at the rate of Rs. 22/sq. ft. 
  • Plumber at the rate of Rs. 15/sq. ft. 
  • Steel Fixer at the rate of Rs. 35/sq. ft. 

Other Expenditures

  • Water Stopper at the rate of Rs. 12/sq. ft. 
  • Bitumen at the rate of Rs. 14/sq. ft. 
  • Excavation at the rate of Rs. 35/sq. ft. 
  • Polythene at the rate of Rs. 6/sq. ft. 
  • Waterproofing at the rate of Rs. 30/sq. ft. 
  • Electric items at the rate of Rs. 20/sq. ft. 
  • Sanitary Items at the rate of Rs. 45/sq. ft. 
  • Tax at the rate of Rs. 42 /sq. ft. 

Total cost of 5 Marla house basement construction = PKR 1,919 per square feet

We have mentioned some major and essential costs of materials and processes required to build a 5-Marla house. It is suggested that you should always hire a contractor to help you build a house professionally as there is always room for error for beginners. 

The rates and quantities aforementioned will help you set your budget more knowledgeably.

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