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Top 2 Housing Schemes in Karachi – An Overview

Jul 15,2021

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and is known as the city of lights. Even though the power outage in Karachi is worse in a few areas still the city is holding its tag because it never sleeps. Feeling hungry in the middle of the night? Head out, for sure you will find someplace to eat delicious Nihari or fast food. Every day or two, new eateries are launched in the city. It has made the perception of many that Karachi has nothing special other than food.

There are various sites in Karachi that are worth visiting, including the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam, beaches, gigantic malls, and so on. The culture of Karachi is also diverse, as people belonging to a different religion, language, and norms live in the city. In short, it is a home for everyone.

It might surprise or shock many, but the population of Karachi is at least 16 to 17 million. Providing all sorts of basic facilities and more to each and everyone is not easy. Still, real estate in Karachi is trying its best to do everything for everyone. There are hundreds of housing schemes in Karachi. Among them, few are authorized, and some are not. Moreover, the price of properties is pretty high in the areas that are popular.

List of Registered Housing Societies in Karachi

The city that never sleeps and expands day by day gets the attention of many investors. Even people living abroad prefer to invest in this city due to its versatility. The situation of the real estate market in Karachi even got better in the past few years because of the betterment in security. It has been expected that the number of investors will increase in the near future. 

Furthermore, as a surprise to many, modern living places in Karachi are increasing day by day. People of this city don't hesitate to spend on their homes in order to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. Seeing this, real estate developers are launching low-cost housing schemes in Karachi. Here the question arises, is it safe to invest in any society that offers residential plots at affordable prices?

Recently, SBCA has presented a list of illegal housing schemes in Karachi. It has confused many investors as they are not sure which society is safe to invest in.

The issue is going to resolve quickly as down below is the list of few legal housing societies in Karachi that are safe to make an investment.

Bahria Town Karachi

After the massive success in Islamabad and Lahore, the mega project called Bahria Town was launched in Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi, the city inside the city, is state of the art established on 26th January 2016, grabs the attention of many investors from Pakistan as well as overseas.

Many have waited for the launch of this scheme as it is a society that has no competition with others. The infrastructure of this society is well-planned and of international standard. In short, the society is so well-planned that even DHA cannot compete with it. Even though the DHA is the home mainly for the elite class, it is still not very planned.

The location of Bahria Town is also splendid, as it is on the Super Highway, 9 km away from Toll Plaza. The site is perfect for building a modern and international standard housing scheme because of the land.

Bahria Town Karachi has various blocks, including commercial & residential plots. Bahria Town is still developing. In the beginning, projects were launched whose prices were low. Even the installment plan for these projects was very flexible.

Fewer projects were launched a bit late at a high price. Here the developers promised to give early possessions.

  • Residential Plots: The residential plots are of multiple sizes starting from 123 sq yards to 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 sq yards. 5 Marla plots are available in Ali Block, and 200, 500, 1000 sq yards residential plots are available in Golf City. The gold city is specifically designed for golf lovers within the country and even for overseas Pakistani. Block 1 overseas has 10 Marla plots. The area is developed, and the announcement for possessions was given in less than 8 months.
  • Commercial Plots: The commercial plots are also available in various sizes. 125 sq yard plots are available in Midway commercials. The balloting for this block has been done, possessions are given, and plot numbers are also assigned. The new block was just launched, named Jinnah Avenue Commercial. The available plot sizes here are 500 sq yards.

Noteworthy Features of Bahria Town Karachi

  • Fully secured and gated community
  • Five-star hotels
  • Sports complexes and top-class cinemas
  • Availability of parks, mosques, and other amenities in each zone
  • An international theme park, Zoo, and Dolphin Arena is also there

Scheme 33 Karachi

It is the housing society in Karachi that offers affordable options to respected investors. The society was established 33 years ago and is close to many vital locations in Karachi. It is evenly spread over a huge area from Gulistan-e-Lahore to Buffer Zone. It is the reason the investors here get a lot of options.

Within Scheme 33 Karachi, there are at least 137 developing housing schemes. The society covers 26,067 acres and became a regulated housing scheme in 1971. The main goal of the development of this society was, provide modern and comfortable accommodation to people at a reasonable price.

Due to some reason, the development process gets paused many times. But in 2004, the development process began once again on a positive note. From that day till now, the progression is tremendous. After seeing the popularity, some put a few allegations on the society that surely caused stress for the residents and investors. But SBCA itself denies all those allegations.

The projects that are considered to safe to invest in Scheme in Karachi are:

  • Diamond City CHS, Scheme 33
  • Karachi Bar CHS, Scheme 33
  • KMC United Workers CHS, Scheme 33
  • Pir Gul Hasan CHS, Scheme 33
  • Pir Ahmed Zaman CHS, Scheme 33
  • Karachi Rajput CHS, Scheme 33

As you get the overview of Karachi's two biggest housing schemes, now is the time to invest in one. The possibility is high that the plot prices will increase in the near future because of the increase in demand. So, the delay is not a good idea.

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