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10 Tips to Find a Right Real Estate Agent

Aug 05,2021

According to the World Bank, the urban population in South Asia is expected to grow by 250 million by 2030. This rapid urbanization is expected to boost the demand for real estate agencies and brokers and drive the real estate agency and brokerage market going forward.

Still, mostly buyers and sellers do not hire a real estate agent during a real estate transaction so that they can save a few bucks. According to some people, relying on an agent is a waste of time and money because all necessary information is available online. It is the mistake that proves costly for many.

To begin with, it is uncommon for buyers and sellers to save money by not hiring an agent or realtor. It is because the professionals have the better know-how of the market. They not only negotiate on behalf of the client, but they also bring the best deals to them. Buyers and sellers, on the other hand, are unable to manage everything properly. So, denying the importance of pro agents isn't a good idea.

Howbeit finding the right agent isn't a straight road because of countless options. Finding a perfect fit for the job is a time taking task and thus it can frustrate many. But there is no need to worry as in this blog you will learn the tips that will surely help you to find the best agent. However, before going into the details, it is essential to understand the difference between buyers and sellers' agents.

The Difference Between Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent

  •  The primary distinction between both parties’ agents is that they represent opposing interests. There is no way that the seller’s agent thinks about the benefit of the buyer and vice versa. The seller's agent is also known as a listing agent in the market.
  • The buyer's agent finds the property for their clients according to the specifications that they give to them. It is something that saves a lot of their time. On the other hand, listing agents only discuss serious buyers with their clients who offer reasonable prices to buy the property.
  • The buyer's agent makes sure the client finds a perfect property that is free from faults. Even at the time of visit, they accompany the customers and guide them at every point. The listing agent tells the seller how they can make their property look even better or increase its value by making minor changes.

Now that you know the critical difference between buyer's and seller's agent, it is time to learn the tips of hiring an agent.

Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

    • Experience isn't Everything

      • Connection is Vital

        • Seek Out Referrals

          • Agent Work for Your Interest 

            • Follow your Heart

              • Agent Must be Solution Oriented 

                • Hire a Full-Time Agent

                  • Check the Track Record

                    • Clear Communication is the Key

                      • Search Online

                      Experience isn't Everything

                      Here, we don't deny the fact that experience doesn't matter but hiring someone solely on the basis of experience isn't a good idea. What if you hire an agent who is experienced, but you both are unable to stand each other even for a minute?

                      So, look for an agent with whom you can work and talk without any hesitation. Go for a realtor who is good at talking, so that they can negotiate for you when required. Now it is a point that isn't only for hiring residential realtors but commercial real estate agents too.

                      Connection is Vital

                      Don’t make your decision after talking with one agent only. Take an interview of multiple agents, and when you are talking with them, keep your mind open. Also, ask numerous questions from yourself, like whether the agent is marketing their properties or talking about themselves. Whether they are trustworthy or not.  

                      Later, compare their answers and then decide who is worthy of your trust.

                      Seek Out Referrals

                      Even though the technology is so advanced nowadays that everything is available on the internet. You can find reviews for an agent online. Still, a person should keep in mind that a realtor is also a human. So, learning about them from another human is the best way to know how well they perform.

                      Look for referrals and ask questions related to an agent. Don’t forget, you need to find an expert within the area where you are planning to buy a commercial or residential property.

                      Agent Work for Your Interest

                      It is a point on which a person should focus the most. There is no point in hiring an agent who doesn't work for the client's interest. Now the easiest way to find out whether the agent is working for you or not is to focus on the deals that they are bringing for you. If the deals are according to your need and demand, the agent is suitable to work with. Otherwise, look for some other one.

                      Follow Your Heart

                      In many circumstances, experts will advise you to think logically when you have to buy a commercial and residential property. But when you are choosing a residential or commercial real estate agent, you better follow your heart. Firstly, make sure they don't work as a part-time real estate agent. Secondly, see how experienced the person is. And lastly, follow your heart or gut.

                      If you feel the person is perfect for the job, even though his or her experience is a bit less than the one you interviewed before. Don't worry at all.

                      Agent - A Solution Provider

                      The real estate market is vast. When someone plans to enter this industry to buy or sell a property, they have to face multiple challenges. It is the duty of an agent to guide clients about those risks and even provide correct solutions.

                      Hire a Full-Time Agent

                      It is not easy to become an agent, as it is a huge responsibility and full-time job which everyone can’t fulfill. It has been noticed that many prefer to hire part-time real estate agents, as they charge reasonably. But hiring them isn't a good idea, as they not only fail to give proper time but don't have enough experience of the market.

                      Furthermore, make sure that they don't work with multiple clients at a time, as in this way it becomes difficult for them to focus on one customer.

                      Check the Track Record

                      Experience means nothing if the track record of an agent isn't good. So, pay attention to every little detail. Check the previous success stories, What's the behavior of an agent with the customers? Whether they give proper time to the clients to make a decision or not and so on. After getting clarity about all the above questions, only then make your decision.

                      Clear Communication is the Key

                      Sometimes as a client, you come across an agent who isn't only experienced but talkative too. But due to some reasons, you find it challenging to communicate with them. It is one thing that you shouldn't ignore because you are going to work with a realtor for a very long time.

                      The communication gap between client and realtor can cause problems, as you will fail to deliver your message. When the realtor fails to understand what you want, they are unable to bring the right opportunities to your doorstep. In short, the time and money will go to waste.

                      Search Online

                      Lastly, never rely on your friend's suggestion only. Without a doubt, they will give you a good recommendation, but as discussed before, communication and connection matter the most. So, research for agents online, as there you will surely get many options, along with basic information.

                      Hiring the Right Agent Matters!

                      Everyone knows how competitive the real estate industry is, so having the right agent by your side makes a huge difference. The more experienced, passionate, and honest agent can do well for you in the real estate market. The realtors always bring suitable options for their customers, keeping in mind their demand and budget. 

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