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Royal Swiss Islamabad: A Pristine Establishment in Making

Feb 02,2022

Royal Swiss Islamabad is a premium continuation of the hotel franchises of Swiss International Hotels and Resorts. This opulence project in Islamabad is built to extend the already established brand name with a prime focus on South Asia. The developers of this project have an esteemed reputation in the global real estate market and are thus thriving to build and maintain relationships in the real estate horizon that goes both ways.

The presence of such ambitious projects on the horizon of Pakistan is what makes the business market grow continuously upward and forward. Royal Swiss Hotels are a name to reckon with and this project will sit true to their already established fame. This first-of-its-kind skyscraper will be established in a grand area of almost 13 Kanal. Encompassing a total number of 25 floors, Royal Swiss Islamabad will have a staggering height of 300 feet.

As this project is backed by a global real estate company, you can expect this hotel to be as extravagant as it can get. Equipped with all the required and anticipated contemporary lifestyle features, Royal Swiss Islamabad will have a spa, gym, international restaurants as well as a swimming pool.

If you think this is enough, let us spoil you a bit more with the details. A royal-themed lobby and a grand marquee are also some of the added features that will just up the whole vibe of the hotel. And for the purpose of meeting specialized designed conference halls are also present.

Royal Swiss Bahria Town Islamabad

Located at the prime location of Bahria Town in Islamabad, this magnum opus is going to create waves in the real estate market of Pakistan. The location is not only premium but also boasts all the right ingredients that are needed to become accessible. In recent times, the developers of this project have signed up their 3rd Royal Town hotel in Bahria town of Rawalpindi.

Royal Swiss Hotel Launch Prices

Royal Swiss Hotel Islamabad is an upcoming project of Swiss International Hotels. This project will be launched in the prime location of Islamabad in March 2026. The Royal Swiss Hotel launch prices and further details will be made available for the general public soon.

Now that we have established the context, let us discuss some things that are a must-have feature for hotels nowadays.

The need for an upstate and unique hotel experience is the premium demand and need for anyone who is traveling overseas. People who are frequent with this search will often find the keywords such as luxury, boutique as well as review stars that the users will leave behind. But let us burst your bubble once and for all, such things and labels can be quite deceiving. They might deviate in great lengths from the matters at hand.

Thus, after meticulously searching the web and then researching we have compiled a list of those features which are a must-have in a hotel for a luxurious experience. Several experts have also commented that luxury is the most misused word in the modern world as it has been overheard by billions and thus has lost its essence. And when it comes to judging the matters of quality you should never be attracted by the use of fancy vocabulary but it should be dependent on other quality features.

Prime Features of Royal Swiss Islamabad

Simple Booking Procedure

The first and foremost thing that a hotel should have is that the booking process should be quite user-friendly. In case the person who is contacting the hotel staff, they should be welcoming and should be as hospitable as they can.

This initial step is what will make all the difference in the world, and the customer will stick to the hotel. If you are facing discomfort in this step, then maybe you should switch.

First Impression

They say that the first impressions should be impressive and they are not wrong. The moment you first enter the lobby or the area in the hotel should be enough information for you whether this is the hotel that you want or not. In the case of Royal Swiss hotel Islamabad, the lobby is designed to cater to leaving the entrants spellbound.

But it is not only the lobby design, it is also the staff. From the doorman to the valet and then to the bellman all the staff should be friendly and welcoming towards the customers.

Fully Facilitated Rooms

If not the rooms, what else are you in the hotel for?

Rooms should be properly equipped and as welcoming as they can get. Just remember that your customer notices everything from the packaged goods to the installed appliances. Thus it is not just the room service that you need to be attentive about, it is how much concerned you really are about the customer’s comfort.

Make sure that you stay in touch with how many levels of comfort you are willing to provide. Such as

  • The types of beds
  • Room location that also entails the floor, view, and proximity to lifts
  • Pet friendly or disability accommodation features
  • Categories or levels for rooms

Well based on the reputation of the hands behind Royal Swiss Lahore, one can easily conclude that this project will cater to such public needs.

In House Services

There are some services that make all the difference in the world. Yes, rooms are of utmost importance but all hotels agree to such services to one extent or another. But what sets the bar high is the in-house facilities, the onsite services and the hotel’s commitments to such delights.

Such as

  • Full day fitness center
  • Social lobby
  • Referral services
  • Laundry
  • Room services
  • Packing and unpacking

Royal Swiss Hotels; Desirable Enterprise

This upcoming state-of-the-art project will be a game-changer both in raising the real estate bar high as well as will set the standards for commercial real estate in Pakistan. Thus gear up as this project will open the door to a number of opportunities for all the eager investors.

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