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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan – An Overview

Oct 28,2021

Pakistan is developing day by day in every sector, whether it is IT, real estate development, or industries. The modern architecture in the cities is mesmerizing not only for the residents but even the tourists. Tourists not only prefer to explore the northern areas of Pakistan but equally take an interest in exploring cities with skyscrapers.

There are several high-rise buildings in Pakistan, and among them, Habib Bank Plaza was the very first skyscraper. The building was constructed in Karachi in 1963. From that time, the era of high-rise buildings in Pakistan began.

There are multiple towers in Pakistan that have a height of at least 100 meters or more. Moreover, Karachi is a city that has a significant proportion of high-rise buildings. After that, Islamabad, Lahore, and the rest come in line.

If you are keen to learn more about the tallest buildings in Pakistan and are excited to find out about the top 10 tallest buildings located in the different cities of Pakistan, it is the blog that you should read till the end.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

Let's have a look at the skyscraper’s buildings, including city names, height, number of floors, and so on.

Bahria Icon Tower

Bahria Icon Tower is the highest building in Pakistan. The skyscraper is situated in Karachi, Sindh, near the coast of the Arabian Sea. The complex includes a 62-storey tower of corporate offices and apartments. Also, it has 42 story mixed-use buildings. Moreover, across both towers, the international standard shopping mall is running.

The owner of the Bahria Icon Tower is Malik Riaz, a renowned construction industry tycoon of Pakistan.

Chapel Skymark

This high-rise building is also located in Karachi. The Chapel Skymark is the most giant residency building in Pakistan, consisting of 50 floors. The goal behind the construction of this tower is, achieve the greatest architectural brilliance. The developer’s focus is to provide residents with top-standard and luxurious living style. Multiple floors are dedicated to parking that is the best, as people's main concern is always their vehicle as it is a great financial asset.

The building is located near PIDC Karachi. It is an apartment project that is near many famous areas of Karachi. This is the main reason it is attracting many investors. However, the structure is still under construction.

Bakht Tower

The tower is a mixed-use building, which means it has both commercial and residential properties. The design of the building is quite aesthetic and it consists of 33 floors. This skyscraper is also in Karachi, situated in the area of Clifton, facing the sea.

The construction of the building was completed in 2015. Today the building is the house of multiple corporate firms and even families.

Ocean Towers

A magnificent and one of the biggest buildings in Pakistan is located at a prime location of Clifton and Do Talwar. The building is so high that it gets the attention of people from a distance. The tower falls in the category of commercial property and has cinemas, offices, and even a shipping mall.

The projects begin with the billions of investments in the 2000s and come to an end in the year 2021. The building has 30 floors. Also, the Ocean Towers produce electricity on their own, as they have a powerhouse that has the capacity to produce 5 megawatts of electricity.

To ensure the safety of the residents, the building has a high-tech system that keeps an eye on the frequency of smoke and heat that has been produced within the building vicinity.

Mega G4 Tower

Another biggest building of Pakistan famous for commercial offices is situated in Karachi. There is the possibility that many fail to recognize this building after reading the name, but almost everyone is familiar with the structure of the building.

The building is located near Teen Talwar, one of the famous landmarks of Clifton and has 27 floors.

The giant HBL logo can be seen on the building even from a distance, as the bank has a regional head office in the tower. That's the main reason the building is also known as HBL Mega Corporate Tower.

Dolmen Towers

Dolmen Towers is a project that has both commercial and residential sectors. The building also falls in the category of one of the biggest towers in Pakistan, Karachi.

Dolmen Mall has two towers, Tower A and B; both have the same height and the same number of floors that is 40. The thing that makes these towers people's favorite is that there are multiple parking floors other than the ground floor.

The mall is close to the Karachi shoreline that is the key location for commercial activities.

One Constitution Avenue

A promising project consisting of luxurious apartments is in Islamabad near Jinnah Convention Center. It is not wrong to say that the building is in the heart of both twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The elegant building is CDA approved, with multiple buildings and 26 floors. The project offers a profitable investment opportunity as it is developed as per international standards.

The Centaurus Mall

Among several biggest buildings in Pakistan, the Centaurus Mall is the one situated in Islamabad. The design of the building is unique and breathtaking. It has 3 skyscrapers, and all are linked to a mall.

The mall has 26 floors. The construction of the mall was started in 2005 and completed in 2011. However, the mall became operational in 2013.

Ufone Tower Islamabad

This tower is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. The tower has 26 floors. Its construction also began in 2005, like the Centaurus Mall.

The constructors of the tower were Pakistan Telecommunication Trust and designed by the famous firm NESPAK.

Arfa Software Technology Park

The tower was known as Software Technology Park in the past, but later it changed. The beautiful high-rise building is located in Lahore on Ferozepur Road.

The construction of the building began in 2006 and ended in 2012. Even though it isn't the tallest building of Pakistan, however technologically, it's the largest IT building of Pakistan, mainly Punjab. The tower has 17 floors and is owned by Punjab Information Technology Board.

The above discussed are the top 10 tallest buildings in Pakistan, but there are many more around. Also, the developers are concentrating on building more high-rise buildings as it is the only way to deal with the overpopulation issues in urban areas.

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