Top 8 Business Ideas in Pakistan with Low Investment

  • Last Updated on: 22 February , 2024

Top 8 Business Ideas in Pakistan with Low Investment

When a person plans to start a business, the first step is always hard to take. People aren't sure whether they will get a fair amount of return or not. Because of this, many drop the idea of starting a business and prefer to stick with their job. 

Here the questions arise, are you ok being tied with someone else forever? Obviously not, as everyone loves to enjoy freedom. It is a dream of each individual to be a boss, and the dream can come true if a person knows about the business ideas in Pakistan that will work great for them.

Also, people know that there isn't surety in jobs. The company can fire a person whenever they like. During COVID, most of the firms fired the employees because they were unable to pay them salaries. This situation affected many. It becomes challenging for people to take care of their families. So having a small business to get side income continuously is a blessing.

Now the questions arise: what is the most profitable business in Pakistan? Also, there are many who don't have enough to spend on the business. So, are there any business ideas in Pakistan that require low investment? Of course, there are options for everyone, and you will learn about them in this specific blog.

Top Most Successful Business in Pakistan

Finding a job isn't easy these days. It doesn't matter whether a person is experienced or has a degree in hand. The job market disappoints the individual in so many ways.  In 2020,the unemployment rate in Pakistan was at approximately 4.45 percent, a slight increase from 4.65 percent the previous year.

To tackle disappointment, a person can set up a business by investing. The business ideas in Pakistan for people are:

Cooking from Home

In Pakistan, people understand the importance of eating healthily. It is the reason they prefer to eat homemade food, even when they are outside. It is a change that opens a business opportunity for many. The setup needs very little investment, and it is one of the best business ideas for housewives in Pakistan.

Furthermore, a home-based cooking setup is the top profitable business in Pakistan.

Online Business

Past few years have witnessed a surge in online business. It is an option that allows a person to buy and sell products online. Moreover, a considerable investment isn't required to run this business. You can say it is a low investment business in Pakistan but with great ROI. 

All a person needs for the startup of this business is an internet PC and the products you like to sell. If you don't have a website, there is no need to worry. Use any social media platform you have, like Facebook, or Instagram to promote the products.

One thing a person needs to ensure is that they never compromise on the quality of the product and provide the correct description. Because people are able to see the products through the screen only. So, they will choose the product when you convince them it's the best in the market.

YouTube Channel

It is an opportunity or a platform that allows the individual to earn a handsome amount each month by making videos that are favored by the audience. It is an innovative business idea in Pakistan that needs little to no investment. 

But an individual should keep in mind that joining YouTube doesn't mean they will start to earn dollars the very next day. It is a platform that demands time, effort, and uniqueness.


These days every individual who has a phone or DSLR thinks they are a photographer. Remember, photography is a skill that isn't easy to master, but if you have this skill, it is time to cash it.

Before jumping to work, it is better to strategize everything. It is a step that saves a person a lot of time. A person should know the startup cost of the business and have an idea of what kind of photography services they will offer.

There are several options for the person as they can become a wedding photographer, wildlife photographer or click random shorts of historical places for your page or enter in some kind of competition.

Photography is the most common and low investment business in Pakistan. The estimated cost required to become a photographer is 1 or 2 lacs.

Property Renting

Property renting is one of the popular and the best business ideas in Pakistan. If you have a vacant property, floor, or even a room, you can rent it out. All you need to ensure is that it is in good condition. Also, a person must know how much rent is suitable according to space and location.

Coffee or Tea Shop

Suppose you aren't ready to set up a massive business because of a lack of experience. Opening a coffee or tea shop is excellent. It is a successful and best small business in Pakistan with low investment.

Pakistani people are fond of tea. They love to visit small cozy tea or coffee places after the office for tea with friends, as it allows them to relax after a long and hectic day.

Now even though it is one of the great options for people, still strategizing is the key. You need to ensure that the location of the shop is great, prices are reasonable according to the audience, and the taste is authentic.

Utility Store

It is another option that is great for those planning to set up business in Pakistan with low investment. There is no need to fill up the shop with expensive and unique items in the beginning. Start selling the primary products, like bread, eggs, water bottles, sweets, chips, and similar stuff. Once the business starts to give good ROI. It is time to expand the business accordingly.

It is a business option that is on the list of many people, and the reason behind it is that during COVID, each business faces a setback due to lockdown. But the government allows utility stores and pharmacies to work as they have products that are required on a daily basis.

Rent a Car

It is a kind of business that doesn’t demand time or expertise. All a person needs is a vehicle or many vehicles of different types and a driver working for Uber or Careem. Later you will get a fair share from their daily earnings.

If you are not interested in giving your vehicles to Uber or Careem, think of the name of your own company and be your own boss!

Start Today!

Now that you know the options, it is time to decide which one is the most suitable for you. In case you have doubt in mind, is Pakistan an excellent place to do business? The answer is "yes" if a person knows well what they are doing. The good news is that even the government is supporting small businesses.

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