8 Top Architects in Islamabad

  • Last Updated on: 22 February , 2024

8 Top Architects in Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is known across the globe for its exceptional natural beauty and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The majestic corporate buildings, beautiful residential buildings, colossal mosques, and ancient remnants all stand testament to the city's rich history and architectural progress.

Famous architects from all over the world have been drawn to Islamabad to leave their mark on the cityscape. Some of the most notable projects include:

  • National Monument by Stanley Saitowitz
  • Parliament House by Norman Foster
  • Faisal Mosque by Vedat Dalokay
  • Shah Faisal Mosque by Maherudin Ghaznavi

These world-renowned architects have helped put Islamabad on the map as an architectural destination. Their innovative designs and commitment to excellence have set a new standard for Pakistani architecture.

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