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Why is the Home Renovation Trend Rapidly Increasing in Pakistan?

Aug 06,2021

When a person lives in one house for several years, parts of the house start to break. It is an indication that the home needs renovation. The most common signs that reveal it is time to renovate the house are:

  • The cracks on the wall or roof can be seen clearly
  • The wall paint starts to fall off
  • Marble or tiles on the floor are chipped from various areas
  • Roof has termites

It has been observed that many people undergo home renovation in order to increase the value of their property or to make their property more in line with the current trends. It doesn’t matter for what reason a person makes a decision to renovate the home. The good thing is that they get complete freedom to make things work according to their own choices. You never get limited in any way.

If we mainly talk about home renovation in Pakistan, the process is quite expensive due to many reasons. There are several contractors in the market that claim to be the best. People trust them quickly because they demand fewer charges initially, but later, most of the time, things take a wrong turn. Because not only an individual spends more than they decide. The work done by the contractors is also of poor quality. So, every individual should make their choice carefully.

Now according to a study, home improvement is the fastest-growing retail category in Pakistan despite high prices and fraud. So, let's learn in detail why it is so?

Reasons Behind Rapid Increase in Home Renovation Trends

There are several reasons behind this increase, and some are as followed:

Most of the Population Lives in Ancestral Homes

In Pakistan, the percentage of people living a privileged life is not much. The majority is middle class, and among them, many are living on rent, especially those who don't live in an ancestral home. The homes are too old that it is essential to renovate them from time to time; otherwise, the possibility that something terrible might happen is high.

Now an individual must know that the renovation of ancestral homes isn’t simple because of the way they are built. So, the question arises how to renovate an old house in Pakistan? Before making any decision, a person should do proper planning. Moreover, to reduce the expenses of the renovation, an individual must know what areas they should tackle first.

Millennials are Buying Homes

The old houses are available at a reasonable price in Pakistan. So, when the millennials buy such homes, they prefer to renovate them in a modern manner. They like to have a house that not only functions better but also looks aesthetically appealing.

Since 2018, millennials homeowners have completed more home projects per household. The percentage will increase globally in incoming areas as more youngsters will become homeowners.

To Increase the Value of the Property

In the past, people didn’t have much awareness of how a better-looking and well-functioned property can benefit a person. But nowadays people are aware of this fact. So those who want to rent out the property or plan to sell the property soon must pay attention to renovation of the house. This way, they are able to attract more clients and get a better price.

To Increase the Space

Even after marriage, the majority of children in Pakistan live with their parents. So, once the children marry and have children, they either move into a new and larger house with the entire family or make changes to their current home to ensure more space.

Now, as mentioned before, the majority of the people aren't fortunate enough to move into a new house; they go with the house renovation option in order to increase the space of the house. 

To Modernize Home’s Style

Everyone loves to have a home that looks better than others. Now it is evident that house trends change from time to time. However, it isn't possible for people to buy a new home every time. It is the reason they prefer to go with the renovation option, to keep the house up to date.

Also, in Pakistan, people who have a spare room in their homes prefer to rent it out to make money. They know that tenants are increasing as more people move to cities in search of better opportunities. It is challenging to find tenants if the house is in disrepair. It is the primary reason why people strive to make their homes both comfortable and modern. So, whenever someone comes to see if it's an excellent place to live or not. They couldn't say no and happily pay handsome rent.

To Make House Energy Efficient 

Everyone loves to save money by any means. There is no denial in the fact that energy bills eat half of the salary, and many in Pakistan don’t earn much. So, to get rid of such a situation and to make the house energy efficient, people go for renovation. They change the traditional light bulbs with energy savers bulbs, install new wiring, or some even go with renewable energy resources in order to save some. However, few simply fix the windows for better insulation.

What’s Better “Move or Improve”

After reading the blog or before that, this question might come to many minds. People generally prefer to move out from the current house because they get tired of continuity. It is when moving seems a good option to them, but not everyone can go with this option. Because not only it demands a considerable investment, but a lot of time is also required. Also, a person has to start a life from zero. Sometimes children fail to settle in a new property. So, remodel, or home renovation can easily replace the shifting. 

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