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Zem Builders-Reformer in Real Estate Industry

Jul 14,2022

Zem Builders is a valued and consistent association in the construction industry. With three main offices in Pakistan. They attempt to reform the real estate sector, booming out quality residential, commercial and industrial projects with modish techniques and features like no other. With a devoted team of experts, they are bringing quality work in reasonable packages through the following elements: 

  • Providing top-notch facilities, turning in the best

  • Helping in growing a high-quality picture of Pakistan via exceptional services

  • High-satisfactory, nicely maintained standards

  • Providing a relaxing, calm residential and industrial environment

Zem Builder Developers

Zeeshan Akram Qureshi is the Chief Executive Officer of Zem Builders.  As a developer, their main focus is to provide a luxury real estate experience to the people. To ensure Zem Builders didn't fall short in fulfilling the modern demands of the people, they haven't compromised on any little detail of the project.

World of Zem

Zem Builders believes in redefining the artwork of residing. The imagination and concept of top-notch living for people in Pakistan started around 15 years back. They are running three important towns in Pakistan.

Their simple success issue is first-rate consumer care and professional hypothesis at the board. Zem supplies overall attention to all customers and economic professionals maintaining their desires in front of all to border lengthy haul connections.

Perfection Speaks on its Own

Strategic making plans is an organization’s manner of defining its approach or route and making choices on allocating it to pursue this approach.

Zem aspires to the best requirements of moral conduct which means doing the proper thing for the surroundings wherein they operate. They constantly preserve excessive requirements and are trying to maximize price for clients, without compromising quality, integrity, and delivery. With their best plans and execution, they have been prevailing clients.

Why Invest in Zem Builders Beneficial?

Land proprietary, privilege, or possession stays the first pre-important for the beginning of any land. Many real estates land up beginning ventures and offer while not having far from and possession of the land. Such acts have left the customers setting into the most effective sheer “fairylands”.

Any real property that doesn’t have possession of land will overlook to transport the name deed from their call to the customers. Such an alternative needs to be delivered out via vital authorities’ experts and doesn’t come as a letter given through the designers on their association’s letterhead.

Zem developers were at the frontline of Bahria Town’s luxurious real estate marketplace on the grounds in 2005. Zem has delivered new and interesting housing requirements to the industry that consist of a global of services at their doorstep. 

Zem has additionally delivered new and interesting residence area concepts. Providing fantastically themed regions that attraction to each age and interest, whether or not it’s a calming inexperienced enclave for a family, an area to advantage from a few exercising on health club equipment, an infinity pool with the horizon, a lake-stimulated landscape, or one of the many different pleasing regions.

Zem Builders Projects

Here is a brief detail of Zem's completed and ongoing projects:

Zem Heights

Their first project released on the C Junction is Zem Heights. With present-day and top-rate features, it's miles the superb manner to research offerings. Also, this industrial hub, comprising top-notch facilities, has received brilliant achievements.

Lake Vista

Lake Vista is their under-production project serving as a mixture of the industrial and home hub. The front establishment will offer a relaxing splendor to the workplaces and flats, improving the residing style. This four-page venture has its very own classes. The synthetic lake provides splendor to this four-sided open task. This task offers comfort, protection, and first-rate life. With excessive requirements of security, excessive-stop security, air conditioning, elevators, hearthplace safety systems, insulation partitions, and soundproof floors, Lake Vista Heights will really beautify people's taste.

Liberty Tower

With a mixture of conventional and present-day looks, this creative project will stand out in many dual cities. They have added the magnificence of glass homes offering a lovely view and high worth pleasant production and features.

Covering a 4 Kanal land, it’s the perfect investment opportunity for the potential residents and businesses looking to either settle down for good or expect high revenue-generating commercial shops, and corporate offices at affordable rates.

The utmost USP, too hard to ignore, is the addition of the botanical garden apartments in Liberty Tower Islamabad. Spectacular apartments come with jaw-dropping panoramic views encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle and yet maintaining the drive to live with luxury facilities.

Zem Ark 1

Zem Ark 1 is an exclusive yet versatile real estate project , is located at the prime location of Bahria Town Phase-8, Islamabad. It is an architectural wonder offering several iconic features that are truly remarkable, like commercial shops, lavish apartments, a penthouse, and so much more. However, regardless of the lavish properties, it is an affordable option for the occupants. Moreover, Zem Ark 1 Bahria Town is away from the city hustle but is still well connected with the major points of the city. 

This futuristic project is famous for its appealing look. The specialists have produced a lovely architectural layout with top-notch centers, which include their room label, and comfort resort suits. The stores also are incredibly high-give up, including extra to its magnificence.

Zem Ark 2

Referred to as staircase layout, this project may also be a masterpiece. It contains first-rate centers for the user, which include the fire-combating system, high-give-up security, right ventilation, and delightful aesthetics located in Business District,  Bahria Town Phase 8. 

Zem Ark II is the 5th addition to the legacy of grasp elegance architecture, regardless of being a cost-effective and lower-priced task. Zem Builders pursuits to supply the most price to its clients through imparting all of the contemporary-day facilities and including specific functions in Zem ARK II. The specific functions of this task particularly are the two aspect-to-aspect buildings. One targeted for residential flats and the opposite for workplaces in conjunction with the industrial floors, so one can offer consolation and comfort to our clients.

Urban Nest

Based on the concept of eco-layout, this project is introduced to maintaining in thoughts sustainability and the required steps for surroundings protection. It gives each industrial and home offerings with high-give-up technology for steeply-priced residing.

Covering a one-channel area, Zem offers a great opportunity for the entire town of Bahria. In addition to one or two-bed apartments, high-quality commercial facilities and corporate offices will be available. Easy access to GT Road with an affordable payment plan. If you want to get involved in the hot-selling Twin Cities project, it's time to invest in Urban Nest.


Skylark is the currently introduced project combining the splendor of duplex flats and a well-evolved industrial hub. It will offer top-notch facilities and centers offering first-rate residing, keeping all of the required standards. That changed into an approximately a quick description of Zem’s projects. You can steady the investments over Zem as they have certified specialists to cast off the hazard of poor currency flow. 

Zem Insignia

The premium shopping mall Zem Insignia rises above Rawalpindi on  GT Main Street. A place to talk about itself. The mall spans its channels, has large commercial spaces, and is close to housing associations such as DHA Islamabad, Rawalpindi City of Barria, and neighborhoods that give you the opportunity to shop at premium malls. Only 15 minutes drive from Sadar.

There are two entrances overlooking GT Main Street and Barria Paradise. The great location makes it one of the most notable projects. Zem Insignia has two basements, including parking for vehicles, and also offers curbside parking. Luxury outlets are available on the 1st, 1st, and 2nd floors. 

Manufactures both retail and wholesale stores. This 9-story mall is a sophisticated prototype. Provides spacious office space for active business opportunities. A unique multipurpose building is one of the buildings offering only the best amenities. The official floor of Zem Insignia is open to the technology and software development sector as well as growing or developing companies. It welcomes any business you can think of. Located on one of Rawalpindi's busiest streets, Zem Insignia is a stylish complement to the rooftop restaurant.

Zem Gardenia

Some of the oldest horticultural gardens in the world are found in Pakistan. The basis of their design philosophy is their history of settling the Indus Valley and creating formal gardens in the 16th century. Zem Gardenia offers world-class living spaces with needs in mind in  Bahria Oriental Garden. The adaptability of safe living and the opportunity to reconnect with nature through their main feature, scattered gardens will connect with townhouses with full technical and modern conveniences of buildings such as indoor swimming pools, spas, gyms, community halls, and indoor and outdoor sports. The building's façade is inspired by ancient architecture and reflects the Babylonian idea of ​​a hanging garden. 

The tallest residential building in Pakistan's capital,  27 floors, redefines luxury, novelty, and lifestyle. This is the most remarkable place in Islamabad due to the wholesomeness of the surrounding area. The breathtaking view of the verdant golf there, surrounded by the sublime beauty of the Takht-pari forest, is second to none.

Zem Ark  6

Zem ARK 6 is remarkable in its own right as it includes commercial shops and luxury residential apartments. This project is located at the prime location of Bahria highway, in Phase 8 of Bahria Town.  Mr. Zeeshan Akram Qureshi, CEO of Zem Builders, held the groundbreaking ceremony on June 10, 2021. They are delighted to start the construction of Zem 6.

Zem Ark 7

The difference between respectable and splendid is the eye to detail. The reason for Zem 7 is to create a structure that appears to the future and represents the fashion of today. The one-of-a-kind look of the construction, with its dynamic sloping facade, is the focus and is supposed to set up a wonderful emblem photo. 

The shape can be extra acoustically sturdy and warmth resistant. The construction will residence high-quit retail restaurants/cafes and is artistically designed to seize the eye. The four-story constructing goal is to draw main retailers, neighborhoods, and global manufacturers that can increase their mark via this architectural wonder. Maintaining the extraordinarily handy format of Zem 7 will offer organizations a powerful way to offer their traffic a pleasing experience. 

Zem 7 is placed on Bahria Town's busiest seventh avenue, well-known as Bahria Town's Food Street emblem. Several massive chain shops and restaurants, which include Green Valley, Al-Fateh, KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Hardee's, and Tuscany, are presently running close to the web website online of this project.


You have just covered the brief details of ZEM Builders and the ongoing and completed projects. Over the last 15 years, they have been working on various projects to create masterpieces for you and provide first-class facilities.

They have marked their name in the Real Estate industry by bringing reforms with their innovation and quality work either its construction or architecture.

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