25% Sales Tax on Items: FBR

25% Sales Tax on Items: FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a listing of luxurious products finalized for the imposition of a 25% income tax.      

The FBR has extended the income tax on lots of luxurious and non-important imports, and it’s far expected that this degree will convey in PKR 15 billion withinside the economic year (FY) 2022–2023. 

A listing of the items is given below:    

Household goods:  Home appliances, crockery, chandeliers/lighting, doors/window frames, furniture, heaters/blowers, kitchenware, luxurious leather-based apparel, luxurious mattresses, dozing bags, salon gadgets (hairdryers), tissue papers, and rest room ware/toiletries.    

Personal gadgets:  Automobiles(CBU), weapons/ammunition, cosmetics, pet food, shoes, headphones/loudspeakers, sunglasses, shaving goods, and musical instruments.  

Food and beverages:  Confectionery, jams and jelly, fish and frozen fish, sauces, ketchup, fruits, dry fruits, preserved fruits, cornflakes, frozen meat, juices, aerated water, ice cream, and chocolates. 

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