Agreement Signing Ceremony of Signature Villas & Silicon Valley

Agreement Signing Ceremony of Signature Villas and Silicon Valley

MOU Signing Ceremony of Signature Villas

Capital Smart City’s new partnership with Raees Fahim, Galeria Designs, and Faisal Rasul. The Signature Villa’s future is shiny!

Faisal Rasul is aware of no bounds on the subject of indoor designs and has an extended record of manufacturing highly-sought tasks. 

Galleria Designs is remarkable in its architectural layout talents and features a famed group of professionals with a long time of experience. 

And lastly, Races Fahim has been imparting smart and aesthetic architectural answers to an extensive variety of tasks with a robust awareness of lifestyle since 1994. 

There is absolute confidence that in those worthy hands, this undertaking turns into the jewel of Capital Smart City. Signature Villas will surely be adding oomph to the urban development. Setting a benchmark for the real estate industry by providing the ultimate provision of standardized living concepts with affordable prices.

MOU Signing Ceremony of Silicon Valley 

Capital Smart City has signed an MOU with Surbana Jurong, taking the vision of sustainability and modernity forward. Such a settlement will enhance the placement of Silicon Valley, a destiny hub of technological evolution and logistics in the real estate industry. 

Silicon Valley is a place where technology furnishes solutions. It’s also a place where we build connections, make connections and influence the future of our industry. Capital Smart City is a place that fuels innovation and change. Here, you can harness the power of technology to transform your ideas into reality.

Additionally, Surbana Jurong will lay out Cultural Village and a few different diverse projects in social development, and infrastructure significance. The infrastructures are most picturesque with a lavish exterior. Looking back on the 21st May 2022 news, the management of Capital Smart City announced the allotment & possession of sectors A & B almost three years before the committed delivery date. 

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