CDA decides to switch off 50% lights on city roads

CDA decides to switch off 50% lights on city roads

In an effort to support the government’s austerity campaign, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken a bold step in energy conservation by switching off 50% of the street lights on roads and highways by the 

The move is aimed at reducing energy consumption and promoting energy efficiency.

Despite the reduction of street lighting, the CDA has ensured that all residential areas will have access to sufficient lighting to avoid any inconvenience to citizens. The CDA administration has also appealed to the public to help in the energy conservation effort by reducing unnecessary electricity usage in their homes.

This initiative by the CDA demonstrates the organization’s commitment to supporting the government’s efforts to conserve energy and promote sustainability. The CDA’s efforts are expected to serve as a model for other organizations to follow in their own energy conservation initiatives.

The citizens of Islamabad have expressed their support for the CDA’s efforts and have pledged to do their part in reducing energy consumption. The public’s cooperation will play a crucial role in making this energy saving campaign a success.

With this new initiative, the Capital Development Authority continues to be at the forefront of promoting sustainability and responsible energy use in Islamabad.

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