CDA has Recently Canceled License of 14 Housing Societies

CDA has Recently Canceled License of 14 Housing Societies

  • Last Updated on: 21 February , 2024

The licenses of fourteen housing societies have recently been revoked by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Despite being warned, these societies still did not register with the appropriate authorities. In all honesty, this figure only represents the very beginning. (Reported by news source)

Islamabad's terrain is dominated by illegal housing communities. Only 22 of Islamabad's 200 housing societies are legitimate, and 140 have never requested the necessary CDA approvals. Around 90% of the territory in zones 2, 4, and 5 is thought to be outside of CDA's jurisdiction. These figures are astounding.

Ninety-nine per cent of these unlawful communities are still unfinished. A total of Rs 5.2 trillion in the stolen property belongs to people.

Housing societies and land development in Pakistan continue to be a fraud in large part because administrators and regulators profit from this strategy by giving free plots to the wealthy. The plots result in the enslavement of law enforcement and other governmental institutions.

Instead of sprawls, we ought to encourage apartment living. The foundation of real estate should be constructed, not land development.

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