Construction work commenced on two flyovers in Dera City

Construction work commenced on two flyovers in Dera City

  • Last Updated on: 21 February , 2024

Former Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapur inaugurated the construction work on two flyovers in Tank Adda and Sabzi-Mandi Chowk in Dera City, which will be built at a total cost of PKR 3.22 billion. 

The NLC representatives updated the former minister about the project at the opening event. The National Logistics Cell (NLC) will complete the project in 30 months. The former minister visited the Syndicate Mor where he erected a plaque in the presence of representatives from NESPAK and the NLC as well as Dera Deputy Commissioner Nasrullah Khan and Assistant Commissioner Farhan Ahmed. 

In a media interview, Mr. Gandapur said that the flyovers will increase commercial activity in the city while also easing traffic congestion. He continued by saying that the money had been set aside for gas pipes, underground sewer systems, and WAPDA installations. The provincial government has a policy of better balance in the province, according to the news source.

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