Construction Work Recommences on Lahore Akbar Chowk Flyover

Construction Work Recommences on Lahore Akbar Chowk Flyover

Construction work on the Akbar Chowk Flyover and Remodelling project has recommenced, marking a significant step forward in transforming Maulana Shaukat Ali Road into a partial signal-free corridor. 

Following a delay of approximately two and a half months, the project has now resumed, albeit with a revised design that will increase the overall cost from PKR 3.1 billion to PKR 5.035 billion. 

The additional expenses are attributed to the inclusion of three protected U-turns and the construction of flyovers on both sides of Akbar Chowk.

According to disclosed details, the U-turns will be constructed beyond Shoq Chowk, extending all the way to Pindi Stop after passing the Model Town Link Road intersection. The completion of this project is expected by September, providing a much-needed improvement in traffic flow at the intersection. 

Moreover, the inclusion of the U-turns and flyovers will contribute to a reduction in environmental issues and offer hassle-free driving experiences for commuters traveling between Kot Lakhpat and Main Canal Road, ultimately saving valuable time and energy.

This development is welcomed by residents and motorists alike, who have long awaited a solution to the congestion and inefficiency at Akbar Chowk. The project’s successful execution is anticipated to alleviate traffic woes and enhance the overall commuting experience for the growing number of individuals relying on this vital route. 

The authorities assure the public that the project will be completed within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring a seamless and efficient transportation system in the heart of Lahore.

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