EAA Visits Zaha Hadid School in Capital Smart City

EAA Visits Zaha Hadid School in Capital Smart City

  • Last Updated on: 22 February , 2024

The CEO of EAA Qatar recently visited the school, highlighting how real estate can be used for more than providing shelter.

In a special move towards promoting education, the Zaha Hadid School in Capital Smart City has caught the attention of EAA Qatar, which has shown a keen interest in supporting the school's educational efforts. 

The Zaha Hadid School in Capital Smart City is known for its innovative approach to education and has been designed to provide students with an immersive and engaging learning experience. 

The school's commitment to promoting education has garnered the attention of EAA Qatar, a leading real estate company that has expressed its desire to support its efforts.

During the CEO's visit, he admired the school's commitment to education and commended its efforts to provide students with a unique learning experience. He emphasised the importance of education in children's development and lauded the school's efforts to provide a conducive learning environment.

This visit has underscored the potential of real estate to support educational initiatives and how it can be used to promote social good. It has also highlighted the importance of collaborations between real estate companies and educational institutions to support education and provide opportunities for children to learn and grow.

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