FBR releases latest ‘Active Taxpayers’ List

FBR releases latest ‘Active Taxpayers’ List

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has released the latest Active Taxpayers List (ATL), featuring the names of 3.41 million companies and individuals. 

The ATL recognises and rewards entities that fulfil their tax obligations, providing them with benefits such as government contracts, better access to credit, and other opportunities. 

FBR has been implementing measures to promote tax compliance and incentivise the filing of tax returns and timely payment of taxes. The ATL is part of this initiative, which aims to boost tax compliance in the country.

Previously, the FBR had received 4.19 million taxpayers in the ATL for 2021, with a deadline for filing income tax returns varying based on the accounting year and taxpayer type. 

For companies with average accounting years, the deadline is December 31, while for business individuals, associations of persons, and salaried persons, the deadline is September 30th every year. 

Taxpayers who have yet to file their income tax returns for 2022 will not be able to benefit from reduced withholding tax rates from March 1, 2023. 

The ATL is published on March 1 every financial year and is valid up to the last day of February in the following financial year.

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