First Batch of Smart Villas in Overseas East Block at Capital Smart City

First Batch of Smart Villas in Overseas East Block at Capital Smart City

  • Last Updated on: 22 February , 2024

In an exciting development, Capital Smart City is pleased to announce that the first batch of Smart Villas in the Overseas East Block will be handed over to their owners on September 30, 2023. 

With a solid commitment to customer satisfaction and a focus on providing a luxurious lifestyle, the management of Capital Smart City takes immense pride in delivering the best to their valued clients.

This significant milestone marks another step towards smart living for the members of Capital Smart City. The management extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the owners who are soon to receive possession of their Smart Villas. It is a testament to the trust and confidence bestowed upon the project by its esteemed members.

However, the management urges all villa owners to clear all outstanding payments before taking possession. Smart City payment plans are pretty detailed. Clearing all dues is essential to facilitate a seamless handover process and guarantee a hassle-free transition into the luxury lifestyle promised by Capital Smart City.

The possession of Smart Villas in the Overseas East Block is a momentous occasion, showcasing the dedication and hard work the Capital Smart City team put in. The project aims to redefine living standards and provide residents with a truly exceptional experience.

Capital Smart City remains committed to its vision of creating a smart and sustainable community that prioritizes the needs and desires of its valued members. With this upcoming milestone, the project takes a significant step forward in realizing this vision.

As the date approaches, anticipation builds among villa owners who eagerly await the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique offerings and amenities that Capital Smart City has meticulously designed for their comfort and enjoyment.

Stay tuned with Arkaa Consultants for further updates as Capital Smart City continues to offer an unparalleled living experience in Pakistan.

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