Installation of 200 KVA WAPDA Transformer Successfully Completed in Lahore Smart City

Installation of 200 KVA WAPDA Transformer Successfully Completed in Lahore Smart City

The installation of a 200 KVA WAPDA transformer is successfully completed. Now, the electricity supply is accessible at the Lahore Smart City site. 

The transformer is lighting up the Lahore Smart City office and nearby areas. This will increase the investment profit and make it a worthy place for residing. 

The masterminds behind Lahore Smart City Future Development Holdings Limited and Habib Rafique Pvt. The limited team has worked hard and has brightened up Lahore Smart City with the most important necessity of living, electric supply. This is a great success for the scheme. 

Lahore Smart City provides residential and commercial opportunities with good returns on investment to its investors. It is located in the suburbs of Lahore at Bypass Kala Shah Kaku. The easy access and enchanting facilities make it the top housing project in Lahore.    

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