Land Allotment to NUTECH, Harley Street Clinic and Ghandhara Art

NuTech, Harley Clinic and Ghandhara Art have been allotted with land at Capital Smart City.

Nutech at Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has achieved another milestone in the ever-rising revolution of educational excellence. The management plans to build the biggest campus of NUTECH in the handed-over land. There will be many departments and several degrees in the university. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. with research and development.

 Rector NUTECH Lt Gen (R) Khalid Asghar and Pro-Rector Maj Gen Khalid Javed CSC and his team congratulated each other. NUTECH Flagship Campus will not only help to attract families but also other investors. More than 35,000 students will be studying on this campus.

Harley Street Clinic at Capital Smart City

The renowned and unique Harley Street Clinic is located in London. This was decided upon by the Capital Smart City Islamabad developers last year.
The Capital Smart City Land allotment event took place today, when land for the Harley Street Clinic was allocated. This represents a significant move on the part of Society’s Management.
Leading private healthcare provider for adult and paediatric cancer and neuroscience is The Harley Street Clinic. Additionally, the Harley Street Clinic in London successfully offers treatment for children’s healthcare, cancer, cardiac, spine, and neurosurgery. Officials at the clinic are correct to say that they have top consultants on staff. This particular cause was given a specific location during the Capital Smart City Land Allotment event.

Ghandhara Arts at Capital Smart City

Ghandhara art will be used to decorate Capital Smart City by giving an appropriate land location. The artwork of Ghandhara is nearly 2500 years old. It is incredible to think that Pakistans capital would become a hub for healthcare, art, and education.

Between the first and seventh centuries CE, the Buddhist Gandhara art style emerged in northwest Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. Numerous elements and methods from classical Roman art were incorporated by the Gandhara school, such as vine scrolls, cherubs holding garlands, tritons, and centaurs.

Capital Smart City is located on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, near New Islamabad International Airport. CSC is a lucrative project bringing reforms to the real estate industry.

It is a legal housing scheme as its NOC is approved by RDA. The developers have aimed and are working day and night to deliver advanced and smart living facilities to the residents. 

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