LDA Shares Requirements For Applicants Seeking Possession Orde

LDA Shares Requirements For Applicants Seeking Possession Order

Lahore, Pakistan – To streamline the application process and ensure transparency, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has implemented new guidelines mandating specific documents for applicants seeking a possession order at the LDA One Window Cell.

Applicants must now provide several essential documents along with their applications to secure a possession order. 

These documents include:

  1. Two attested, certified photographs
  2. Attested copy of a valid identity card
  3. Exemption letter or allotment letter
  4. Latest certified copy of the Sale Agreement Exemption Agreement
  5. Copy of the ownership franchise letter
  6. Three attested thumbprints and specimen signatures
  7. Biometrics of the applicant

The LDA urges all applicants to carefully review the list of required documents before submitting their applications. Please include all of the specified documents to avoid rejection by the authority.

These new guidelines aim to ensure that only legitimate possession claims are processed, promoting fairness and efficiency in the application process. 

By implementing these measures, the LDA One Window Cell strives to provide prompt and transparent services to the public.

The LDA encourages all applicants to comply with the updated requirements and submit their complete documentation to ensure the timely processing of their possession orders. The authority remains committed to serving the public and facilitating the efficient handling of applications.

Applicants are advised to stay informed about any further updates or changes in the possession order application process by regularly visiting the LDA website or contacting the LDA One Window Cell for any additional information.

About Lahore Development Authority (LDA):

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is a prominent regulatory and development body in Lahore, Pakistan. The authority is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining infrastructure in Lahore, including providing possession orders for real estate properties. The LDA aims to ensure sustainable urban development and enhance the quality of life for residents in the city.

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