Ministry Mulls Proposing Bill to Protect Properties of Overseas Pakistanis

Ministry Mulls Proposing Bill to Protect Properties of Overseas Pakistanis

 The Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development has proposed a new bill to safeguard the properties of Overseas Pakistanis. 

The ministry aims to address the grievances of expatriates regarding their properties through the proposed bill. 

The document issued by the ministry stated that about 9 million Pakistanis live and work in various countries worldwide, contributing to the country’s socio-economic growth. However, there needs to be a direct mechanism to protect their properties.

Previously, the Cabinet Division reviewed and approved a proposal for establishing Special Courts for Overseas Pakistanis through an Act/Ordinance 2022. However, the ordinance has yet to be promulgated under Article 89 of the Constitution. 

The ministry has again submitted the proposal summary to the Prime Minister through the Law & Justice Division. The Prime Minister’s office has instructed the ministry to take all stakeholders on board before processing the ordinance. 

The departments, including the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, Islamabad High Court, Office of the Chief Commissioner ICT, Law & Justice Division, Finance Division, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab, and Capital Development Authority (CDA) have been requested to review and submit their opinions. Once reviewed, the bill will be re-routed for the processing of the ordinance.

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