Registration Of 228 Real Estate Construction Firms: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

Registration Of 228 Real Estate Construction Firms: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) recorded a significant surge in new company registrations, with a total of 1,760 businesses joining the Pakistani market. 

This impressive figure brings the overall number of registered companies in the country to a remarkable 191,924.

Among the sectors that witnessed notable activity, the Real Estate & Construction sector stood out with 228 new companies successfully registered. This sector’s appeal can be attributed to the flourishing property market and the growing demand for infrastructure development across the nation.

In terms of capital investment, the newly registered companies in April accumulated a total paid-up capital of PKR 2.9 billion. This demonstrates a strong infusion of funds into the emerging business landscape, reflecting positive investor sentiment and confidence in Pakistan’s economic prospects.

Digging deeper into the composition of these new businesses, the SECP disclosed that 57% of the registered companies were private limited companies, indicating a favorable environment for business incorporation and growth. 

Furthermore, 41% of the new registrations were single-member businesses, reflecting the increasing trend of entrepreneurial ventures. Limited liability partnerships, unlisted public companies, and not-for-profit organizations collectively accounted for the remaining 2% of the newly registered entities.

Emphasizing the government’s efforts to streamline administrative processes and promote digitalization, the SECP revealed that an overwhelming 99.8% of the registrations were conducted online. This streamlined approach has facilitated ease of doing business and has been pivotal in attracting both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Speaking of foreign involvement, the SECP reported that 70 foreign applicants ventured into the Pakistani market, showcasing the country’s appeal as an investment destination. 

This influx of international participants highlights the global recognition of Pakistan’s economic potential and promising business environment.

Diversification was evident in the distribution of new registrations across various sectors. The Information Technology sector secured the highest number of registrations with 267 companies, underscoring the rapid growth of Pakistan’s digital industry. 

Following closely, the Real Estate & Construction sector claimed 228 registrations, reflecting the sector’s resilience and importance in the country’s economic landscape.

Other noteworthy sectors that experienced substantial activity included Trading (222 registrations), Services (194), Food & Beverages (93), E-commerce (68), Education (62), Tourism (53), Textile (52), Marketing & Advertisement (42), Agricultural Farming (42), Engineering (36), Healthcare (33), Chemical (31), Pharmaceutical (30), and Power Generation (30).

The SECP’s latest report demonstrates Pakistan’s thriving business ecosystem, buoyed by increasing investment, digital transformation, and sector diversification. 

The surge in company registrations highlights the country’s potential as an emerging market, attracting both domestic and international entrepreneurs eager to participate in its promising economic growth.

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