Ring Road (Southern Loop-3) Project Resumes After 12-Year Hiatus, Expected Completion by Year-End

Ring Road (Southern Loop-3) Project Resumes After 12-Year Hiatus, Expected Completion by Year-End

  • Last Updated on: 21 February , 2024

In a significant development, the long-awaited Ring Road (Southern Loop-3) project is set to recommence after a hiatus of 12 years, as announced by the caretaker government of Punjab. The project holds immense promise for enhancing public transit options and is now slated for completion by December 31.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi underscored the pivotal nature of this decision, highlighting the positive impact of the project's revival on the region's transportation network. Chief Minister Naqvi conveyed these remarks during an inspection of the ongoing construction activities at the project site near Multan Road Maraka.

Addressing the matter optimistically, the chief minister expressed confidence in the revised project schedule, affirming that the obstacles previously encountered due to legal entanglements have been resolved. The renewed momentum of the Ring Road project is anticipated to alleviate congestion on Canal Road and Thokar, offering much-needed relief for commuters. Moreover, the benefits are expected to extend to residents of housing developments along Multan Road, enhancing their connectivity and convenience.

As the project gears to regain lost ground, stakeholders and the general public look forward to the positive transformation it promises to bring to the region's transportation landscape. With legal hurdles now behind, the resumption of the Ring Road project signifies a promising step toward enhanced urban mobility and improved transit choices for the public.

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