RUDA Will Help Lahore Become a New Metropolitan Hub

RUDA Will Help Lahore Become a New Metropolitan Hub

The Punjab Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Minister, Syed Ali Azfar Nasir, visited the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) office to review the progress of ongoing projects. 

The minister was briefed on various RUDA initiatives, including the “twin city concept” to promote urban regeneration and environmental sustainability in Lahore.

The RUDA officials informed the minister about the rejuvenation of the River Ravi and its potential to become a new metropolitan hub, contributing to socio-economic and cultural growth in the area. 

The officials also highlighted several RUDA projects, including the construction of three barrages, seven Wastewater Treatment Plants, and river training works.

Furthermore, the officials briefed the minister on the Central Business District (CBD) projects, which include the upgradation of Walton Road, the introduction of water harvesting wells, the provision of service corridors, and the remodeling of Kalma Chowk. 

The minister was also informed about the upcoming construction of the Grand Souk on the land of Camp Jail and Rescue 1122 on Ferozepur Road.

Overall, the visit provided the minister with an opportunity to understand RUDA’s progress and plans, focusing on promoting sustainable urban development in Lahore.

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