Sui Gas Supply Granted to Capital Smart City

Sui Gas Supply Granted to Capital Smart City

According to the official development notice, the Sui Gas Supply has been granted to Capital Smart City. The approval was allotted on a TOR basis for gas supply to the Smart City housing scheme, Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. TOR job no. is 23/53/002555.

The gas supply will make residents’ life quite convenient as the management is working day and night to provide the necessities. The availability of Sui gas is an achievement that will benefit the worth of Capital Smart City investment. 

Capital Smart City obtained Sui Gas Network approval with NOC back in January 2022.

Capital Smart City is a legal housing scheme as RDA approves its NOC. The developers have aimed and are working day and night to deliver advanced and smart living facilities to the residents. It is located on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, near New Islamabad International Airport. CSC is a lucrative project bringing reforms to the real estate industry. 

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