The Lahore Bridge Project Will Be Completed By May 31st

The Lahore Bridge Project Will Be Completed By May 31st

Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Commissioner Lahore, and LDA DG have announced that the Lahore Bridge project, a crucial infrastructure development in the provincial capital, is slated for completion by May 31, 2023. 

The declaration was made during a meeting where the LDA DG presided and discussed various ongoing and upcoming development initiatives in Lahore.

During the meeting, the LDA DG provided updates on the progress of significant development projects, including the construction of the Samanabad underpass. He expressed satisfaction with the rapid progress of the underpass construction. He emphasized the need for timely completion of road construction around Saggian Road, Phool Chowk, Faizpur Interchange, and Kot Abdul Malik.

The Lahore Bridge project, which spans across Ferozepur Road near the Qainchi crossroads, was initially scheduled for completion in September of the previous year. According to Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Commissioner Lahore, and LDA DG, it is essential to note that the bridge project experienced delays and is now expected to be finished by May 31, 2023.

The Lahore Bridge project is integral to the Gulab Devi underpass project, costing Rs 1.7 billion. It was originally completed in June of the previous year. However, further work on adding a two-lane overhead bridge alongside the existing one faced challenges, including the requirement of a no-objection certificate, the need to ensure power shutdown, and the relocation of poles, wires, and cables. These factors contributed to a slower pace of progress.

The authorities have diligently addressed these issues to mitigate the risk of electrocution-related incidents. With the necessary clearances and preparations underway, the construction work on the additional overhead bridge is expected to resume at an accelerated pace.

Completing the Lahore Bridge project holds significant importance for the smooth flow of traffic and improved connectivity in the area. Once finished, it will enhance the overall transportation infrastructure and benefit commuters traveling along Ferozepur Road near the Qainchi crossroads.

Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Commissioner Lahore, and LDA DG have emphasized the commitment of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to complete the Lahore Bridge project within the new timeline. The authorities are working diligently to ensure timely completion while maintaining high-quality standards.

As the deadline of May 31, 2023 approaches, the LDA will continue to monitor the progress closely and implement necessary measures to expedite the construction work. Commuters and residents eagerly anticipate the completion of the Lahore Bridge project, as it will alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency in the area.

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