Unauthorized Farm House Projects Raise Security Concerns and Illegal Urbanization in Lahore

Unauthorized Farm House Projects Raise Security Concerns and Illegal Urbanization in Lahore

In a significant discovery, authorities in Lahore have identified a total of 91 unauthorized farm house projects within Lahore. These illegal developments have sparked growing concerns over security risks and the misuse of agricultural land for residential purposes.

Of particular concern are the schemes located within an 8.1-decimal kilometer radius of the Border Zero Line, as they pose potential security threats. The authorities have emphasized the need to address these issues promptly to prevent unauthorized urbanization in sensitive border regions.

Tehsil Cantt has been identified as the location of 62 of these illegal farm housing schemes, while Tehsil Shalimar accounts for the remaining 29. Local authorities are taking decisive action against those responsible, citing Section 9 of the West Pakistan Border Area Regulation 1959, which strictly prohibits unauthorized developments in border regions. Moreover, Section 145 of the Local Government Ordinance 2021 obligates authorities to combat such violations.

To safeguard agricultural resources and prevent further misuse of land, the law strictly prohibits the use of agricultural land for farm housing schemes within an 8-decimal kilometer radius. Going forward, written affidavits will be required for the purchase and sale of agricultural land, specifically prohibiting its use for such purposes.

Lahore District Collector, Adnan Rashid, has underscored the gravity of the situation and announced that a comprehensive report on these illegal farm housing societies will be presented within the next fifteen days. This report will serve as the basis for taking further action against those involved, with the aim of preserving the integrity of the city’s urban planning and safeguarding agricultural land from encroachment.

Local officials have emphasized the importance of strict enforcement of regulations and continuous vigilance to prevent unauthorized housing projects from mushrooming and to protect the intended use of agricultural resources. The district authorities are committed to resolving this issue and ensuring sustainable and controlled urban development in Lahore.

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