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An In-Depth Analysis of 1 Kanal House Construction Cost

Oct 08,2021

Constructing your dream home is a challenging task. You have to take care of so many little things, and doing it alone isn't possible at all. It is crucial to have an expert team by your side who can help you throughout. Moreover, an individual must know about the expenditures that would be required in the entire construction process.

Finding detailed information about all the expenditures isn't an easy task. It is the reason we are about to chalk out an estimated budget needed to build a 1 Kanal House. So, let's have a brief look at everything.

What’s the Construction Cost of 1 Kanal House?

Before going into other details, the essential thing about which everyone should know is the covered area of 1 Kanal house. The double-story Kanal house covers the area of 5,950 sq. ft. Here, 3,000 sq. ft for the ground floor and 2,700 sq. ft for the 1st floor of the house. The mumtee of the house is approx 250 sq. ft.

The 1 Kanal house mainly has 5-bedrooms with attached baths, 1 Kitchen each on every floor, and even a powder room.

To understand everything better, it is essential to go forward step-by-step. So, firstly you will learn, 1 Kanal house grey structure cost.

1 Kanal House Construction Cost of the Grey Structure

To build the grey structure of the house, the materials needed are rebar, gravel, kassu, wiring, cement, and bricks. Other than this, the main gate of the house, plumbing, electric wiring of the entire house, and even the construction of the tank are also included in the grey structure.

But when you are calculating the cost of all this, let’s not forget that to get everything done, the laborers are required. This is the reason you must know how much fee they will charge for each service.

Labor Cost

Keep in mind that laborers charge per sq. ft. So, to build the 1 Kanal house, the rate of labor is going to be 395 PKR per sq. ft. Now that you know the double story house covers an area of 5,950 sq. ft, the grand total is going to be around 2,350,250 PKR.

Bricks, Crush, Rori & Sand

Before getting to know about the price, it is essential to get how much material is needed to build the house.

Firstly, you must know the number of bricks needed to build a house, which will be around 135,000 bricks. The price of good quality brick in Pakistan is 11 PKR. So, the total amount you have to pay here is going to be 1,485,000 PKR.

Sand and gravel are two important elements to build a strong foundation of the house. As 1 Kanal house is huge, so you will surely need 2,100 cubic feet of Chenab sand and 5,250 cubic feet of Ravi sand. The Chenab sand is a bit more expensive than the Ravi Sand.

The rate of Chenab sand in the market is 37 PKR per cubic feet, so the grand total is going to be 77,700 PKR. On the other hand, the Ravi sand is available in the market at the rate of 21 PKR per cubic feet. It means you will have to pay 110,250 PKR for the entire lot.

The roof of the house is built using gravel. Almost 2,200 cubic feet of gravel is required, and it is available in the market at the rate of 75 PKR per cubic feet, taking the total to 165,000 PKR.

Lastly, a Sargodha crush is needed for the making of the floor. At least 1,200 cubic feet of Sargodha crush is needed that is available in the market at the price of 76 PKR per cubic feet that makes the grand total of 91,200 PKR. And the rori used to build the grey structure of the house cost 65,000 PKR.

Grand Total of Bricks, Crush, Rori & Sand = 1,994,150 PKR

Sarya, Kassu, and Cement

The main question here is what is kassu? It is a mixture of sand and mitti that is a pretty important material used when building a home. To build the foundation of a 1 Kanal house a minimum of 200,000 PKR of kassu is needed.

Sarya is another essential material, and at least 9 tons of 60-grade sarya is needed for the one Kanal house available in the market at 105/kg that makes the grand total of 945,000 PKR.

It isn't possible to build a house without cement. The total number of cement bags needed to build a Kanal house is 1,600 that are available in the market at the rate of 570 PKR. So, the expenditures that come on the cement are 912,000 PKR.

Grand Total of Rebar, Kassu, and Cement = 2,057,000 PKR

Plumbing & Electrical Wiring

It doesn't matter what size of house you are building; whether it is a 5 Marla house or bigger than that, plumbing is the key part of it. In case the layout of the plumbing system isn't right, or the materials used in the process are not excellent, the entire house will fall apart within no time. In other words, a good plumbing system keeps the house running and in shape for a very long time. So, compromising on quality is something no one should think about.

Make sure to hire a professional to do the task and set the minimum budget of 210,000 PKR for everything.

Furthermore, the expert must do proper wiring because one spark or wrong move can burn down the entire property or even cause trouble for others nearby. The total amount to get this task done by an expert is going to be 200,000 PKR.

So, the grand total for plumbing & wiring becomes 410,000 PKR.

Grill, Gate, and Other Stuff

Steel is a vital element when constructing a house. 94,500 PKR worth of steel is needed for a Kanal house. Furthermore, for the building and installation of the main gate, approximately 150,000 PKR is required.

Let’s not forget about the safety grills, as they are also a necessity. It can cost you 133,000 PKR.

Moreover, when building a home, you must focus on the things that can damage the house, like termites. That’s why taking prevention here is also important. A top-quality chemical spray is the best solution to get rid of this issue. The total amount required for the whole process is 45,000 PKR at least. And to build the septic tank a minimum of 25,000 PKR is needed.  

Now that you know about each element needed to build a grey structure and its cost, it is time to add up the price and see what the total cost is going to be.

1 Kanal Grey Structure Cost = 7,519,900 PKR

Finishing Cost of 1 Kanal House

The finishing process of one Kanal house is also complex and time taking as a grey structure. So, getting too comfortable or not paying attention to details isn't correct.

The detailed information related to the finishing cost of construction of 1 Kanal house is given below.

Tiles & Marble

Installation of tiles is an art that everyone can't master. So, when choosing a team for this job, you must be certain that they have years of experience. Moreover, choosing the right tiles is also a step that should be taken by the individual carefully.

For the entire house, different kinds and numbers of tiles are needed. The details are mentioned below.

  • To cover the floor of the house excluding the terrace, garage, and bathroom, at least 465 tiles are needed. The cost of quality tile in the market is 2,500 per sq. ft. So, you will spend 1,162,500 PKR here.
  • For the terrace, 75 tiles are needed that will cost you around 1,200 per piece, and to cover the garage of 1 Kanal house, 700 tiles are needed with the cost of 75 PKR per tile. The grand total for both is going to be 142,500 PKR.
  • The marble is also widely used in Pakistan for building homes. Mainly, people used it to construct a staircase, and it cost around 162,500 PKR. For kitchen countertops and other parts, you may have to spend 50,000 PKR more.

After calculating the price discussed above, make sure you don’t forget about the labor cost. The labor will charge you around 375,000 PKR.

So, the grand total for tiles and marble is going to be 1,892,500 PKR.

Electrical Supplies

Once the wiring is done, don’t assume that the work is finished. Related to this as installation of switchboards and other things is also. Because you will not like the fact that later someone gets hurt because of electrical shocks or any other mishap.

At least 35 switchboards are needed in 1 Kanal house, and 1 board will cost you around 850 PKR. Other than switchboards, plugs, and sockets are also needed. 35 of them will cost you around 475 PKR.

The installation of lights & lamps is going to cost you 240,000 PKR.

Also, for a Kanal house, at least 14 fans are needed. The price of a top-quality fan in the market is around 5,500 PKR. Also, a minimum of 8 exhausts is needed for the house, and the price of one is going to be 2,500 PKR.

The circuit breaker used in the house cost around 100,000 PKR.

Lastly, you aren't going to do everything on your own but hire a professional, and it will cost you around 50,000 PKR.

The grand total of all the above-discussed electrical components is going to be 533,375 PKR.

Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories

Both are the most important parts of the house and need fine accessories to complete the look.

Now, if we talk about the kitchen, you will surely need two kitchen hoods, and both will cost you 100,000 PKR; one hood is around 50,000 PKR. Both kitchen sinks are also needed, and each will cost you around 15,000 PKR that will bring you to the grand total of 30,000 PKR.

Moving on to the bathroom, 6 commodes are definitely needed. The cost of one commode in the market is around 15,000 PKR, which will take you to 90,000 PKR. Even mirrors, vanity, and other products are also needed for the bathroom, and the price for everything is also going to be 200,000 PKR.

So, overall, the bathroom and kitchen look will be completed for 450,000 PKR.

Painting & Ceiling

Once the light fixtures, tiles, and everything are installed, it is time to focus on painting and ceilings. Also, it is a sign the house is about to get completed.

Now be careful mainly in this step as it can make or break the look of the house. Always pick a color that is evergreen and give the house a sophisticated look. Here, also a specialist is needed as the job is quite tough. The whole process, including the painting and painter fee, will cost you around 630,000 PKR.

For the exterior of the house, mainly Rockwall is used in Pakistan. Because it is something that doesn't need a lot of maintenance, it also adds strength to the structure. The cost of it is going to be 130,000 PKR.

The ceiling process cost is going to be 362,375 PKR.

And the grand total for painting and ceiling is going to be 1,122,375 PKR.

Windows, Mirror, and Woodwork

Windows are needed for the safety of the house from dust and burglars. Also, mirrors give the house a unique look.

  • The installation of aluminum windows and glass panes all around the house is going to cost you 575,000 PKR.
  • The cost of the staircase railing is going to be around 125,000 PKR.
  •  For mirrors, you will have to spend 75,000 PKR.

Moving on to the woodwork, it is used to build wardrobes, cabinets, and other things around the house. In case you don't spend the money here, you will surely have to buy everything separately later from the market that will cost you the same or maybe more.

Now it is obvious that the wood isn't cheap, mainly when you go for the quality. So, if we give you the rough estimation, doors of the house with polish, handles, cabinets for kitchen, built-in wardrobes of each room, and LCD rack will cost you around 1,340,000 PKR.

Total finishing cost of 1 Kanal house = 6,113,250 PKR

And after combining the total cost of grey structure and finishing, total construction cost of 1 Kanal double story house = 7,519,900 PKR + 6,113,250 PKR = 13,633,150 PKR

Now that you are well aware of the one Kanal house construction cost, it is the right time to start building your home.

However, if you wonder what 1 Kanal single-story house construction cost will be, simply divide the entire amount by two you will get your grand total.

Lastly, keep in mind that all the prices are based on the information given by market sources. It might be vary city to city because of multiple factors.

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