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7 Tallest Buildings in Lahore that You should Know

Nov 02,2021

Skyscrapers can be helmed as the giants in the sky. The trend of skyscrapers first started with Australia Square Town in Sydney in the year 1967. Since then, everyone has been familiarized with Burj Khalifa as it is the tallest building in the World.

Before we dive into the details about what is Lahore’s tallest building, we first need to understand why we need skyscrapers. Do they have any purpose, or are they just for the case of aesthetic beauty?

Well, skyscrapers mean that you have more room for everything. In a residential frame, you have more residents or tenants, and in the regard of commercial buildings, you have more room for workers. Tall buildings are all the latest rage because of the fact that they can accumulate a large chunk of the population which is the need of the hour. Furthermore, they are a living example of futuristic architects as well as are the best possible way to maximize space that can cope up with the residential boom.

Now that we have established that tall buildings are not pleasing to look at but also have a deep functional meaning let us discuss the tall buildings in Lahore.

Lahore - The Capital City of Punjab

Lahore is a city that needs no introduction. The real estate of Lahore is also world-class. It is a place that is equally loved by its residents as well as tourists. People prefer to live in this city because of its colours as well as the best lifestyle choices that they can get here. So it is not a tough thought that Lahore has some of the tall buildings in the whole of Pakistan. With the recent boom in the real estate sector in Pakistan, Lahore has also witnessed architectural growth that is unbeatable. High-rise buildings in Lahore are a sight to behold. So without further ado, let us discuss the tallest buildings in Lahore.

Arfa Software Technology Park

Previously known as simply Software Technology Park, Arfa software technology park in Lahore biggest building that has been functional since 2009. This place is home to the Information Technology University as well as PITB. With the main building that has 17 floors and is 106 meters tall, this giant in the sky is a sight to behold.

On 15th January 2012, the then chief minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz, proposed the name change. This building is a tribute to Arfa Karim, who is the World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

Pace Tower Lahore

This building is situated in the heart of Lahore City. Built at a staggering height of 90 meters or 295 feet, this can easily be hailed as the highest building in Lahore. Pace Towers Lahore is a wonderful and luxurious addition to the world-class infrastructure of the capital city of Lahore. Furthermore, with the luxurious lifestyle incorporated with a rich blend of lavish design, the experience of Pace Towers Lahore is second to none.

Indigo Heights

This one can be crowned as one of Lahore’s biggest buildings. It is a five-star hotel, which is located in close proximity to MM Alam Road. Functional since 2020, this building has been the epitome of luxury and style.

The luxurious rooms accompanied by comfortable suites provide a world-class experience to the customers.

Customers are also welcome to enjoy the best experience of fine dining with The Skye, which is easily the tallest restaurant in Lahore city. With a height of 90 meters, this state-of-the-art building is one for the books.

Tricon Tower

This was the first building of its kind that was located in the centre of Lahore. A height of 75 meters makes it one of the high-rise buildings in Lahore. It has an imposing eighteen-story structure that can leave the spectators spellbound.

Tricon tower is known for being the first AAA corporate office building in the whole of Pakistan. The luxurious design is bound to make the comfortable office experience a dream come true in Pakistan. With cutting-edge design, luxurious architecture, Tricon tower is a skyscraper that can meet the corporate demands of any world-class corporation.

Penta Square

The height of 72 meters makes this multipurpose building one of the tallest buildings in Lahore. With 19 floors, this skyscraper has been functional since 2020. This building is centred between DHA, Lahore Cantt, and Askari.

All the best possible and needed life amenities such as retail shopping, corporate offices as well as recreational activities make this building one of the most admired projects of recent years.

Some of the salient features of this skyscraper are as follows:

  • Shopping malls
  • Guest rooms
  • Driver’s residents
  • Security control center
  • 24 by 7 CCTV coverage

Al Hafeez Executive Tower

Boosting the same height as Pentasquare of 70 meters, this is also listed as one of Lahore's tallest buildings. This place is a hub for commercial investments as it has vacancies for boutique shops as well as various other brands. Furthermore, the location of this building is also prime.

High Q Tower

This name also comes up when people talk about high-rise buildings in Lahore. Located in the main artery of Lahore, it is a thirteen-floor building that has a number of jaw-dropping amenities. From the service elevators in the building to proper waste disposal are some of the best features of this tall building.

If we were to talk more about the features then this skyscraper also brings facilities for the disabled as well as the maintenance staff is also present all the time.

In urban cities, the trend of tall buildings is not going to die any time soon. These tall buildings not only resolve the issue of space for the sudden population bloom but are also important for the futuristic touch to the city’s landscape.

Thus it is necessary for the customers to update their information regarding the tallest buildings in Lahore as it is both inevitable and necessary.

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