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A Handbook to 10 Marla House Construction Cost

Oct 05,2021

In Pakistan, mainly, people don't like to buy a house. They prefer to buy a plot first and later build a home the way they like. So, if you already have land and are planning to build a house of your dreams, then this blog will surely help you in a lot of aspects.

While building a home, everyone focuses on multiple factors, as they want the house to be comfortable and lavish. Also, people usually have an idea that it might be the first and last time they are building a house of their own, so they don’t even hesitate to spend.

But before building an A+ category house, an individual must know that there are few steps that should be followed in order to get an extraordinary result. Construction Cost means and includes the cost of the entire construction of the Project, including all supervision, materials, supplies, labor, tools, equipment, transportation and/or other facilitiesfurnished, used or consumed.

Today, you will learn everything in detail related to 10 Marla houses. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the specifics.

10 Marla House Construction Cost for Grey Structure

Before getting into the details of the 10 Marla house grey structure cost, it is better to learn about the specifications of the house.

Covered Area of 10 Marla House

 If we talk about the 10 Marla house covered area, it mainly covers 3,300 sq. ft. The ground floor of the house approximately covers 1,650 per sq. ft and the 1st floor of the property 1,550 sq. ft.

Now it is up to the owner of the house. Whether they prefer to have 5 bedrooms in the house with attached bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms, so on. Or they prefer 4 bedrooms with an attached bath, 2 kitchens and so on.

Now, once the plan is in motion, how many rooms, kitchen, what type of terrace or number of living rooms are going to be in the house. Then the next step is how much material is needed and what is the overall cost. Don’t forget that here you don’t have to worry about the finishing but the grey structure only.

To build the A+ category 10 Marla house, the following top class building material is needed:

  • Sand
  • Bajri
  • Rebar
  • Kassu
  • Cement
  • Bricks

Here don't forget that along with this, it is essential to calculate the plumbing and electrical wiring cost too, as the process of that also went side by side.

Moreover, there is no way that you buy everything and the house will construct itself. A team of reliable and skilled laborers is required to build an A+ category home. Make sure to find out how much you are going to pay them.

Why not get a rough estimation of 10 Marla double-story house construction costs? This will help you at the time when you enter the market, you will know whether someone is guiding you right or not.

Brick, Sand, and Rori Cost

As you know the area, the house is going to be covered, according to that the number of bricks that are required is going to be approx 90,000 for the foundation. Now here, it is essential to go with the top-quality bricks, as there are many brands out there, and you might end up buying bad quality.

Mainly in the market, you can find brick at the rate of 14 to 15 PKR, so if you multiply it with 90,000, roughly you will have to pay 1,260,000 to 1,300,000 PKR at least.

 If we talk about the sand, to build a house, usually two types of sand are used, Chenab and Ravi. 7,000 cubic of Ravi sand is required that is available at 20 PKR per cubic ft. Contrary to that, the Chenab sand is available at high rates because it is of better quality. But the good thing is that it is required in less quantity to build a house, like 1,200 cubic ft, and the rate of it is 36 PKR cubic ft. So, the grand total of both becomes 182,000 PKR.

The other stuff needed like gravel or crush used in the making of the floor and roof of the house. Now to build a roof, 1,600 cubic ft of Margalla lintel is needed, and the rate of it is approx. 75 PKR per cubic ft. Contrary to that, the Sargodha gravel is needed to build the floor, and approx. 1000 cubic ft is required for the grey structure. The cost of this material is approx 65 PKR per cubic ft. The grand total of both materials combined is 185,000 PKR.

Rori will cost you nearly 35,000 PKR.

Cement, Kassu & Rebar Cost

For those who don't know what Kassu is, it is a material that is used to fill the empty plots. The material is a mixture of mitti and sand. To build an A+ 10 Marla house, approx 85 thousand rupees are needed for Kassu.

Cement is the main element of building a grey structure of the home. If we talk about the 5 Marla houses, at least 800 cement bags are needed, so for 10 Marla houses, you can double the bags. Remember, each bag of cement is available in the market at 495 PKR. So, the grand total becomes 792,000 PKR.

Rebar, it’s another name is Sarya. At least 5 tons of Sarya is needed to build a 10 Marla house, and the rate of Sarya in the market per kg is 105 PKR minimum.

Now, if we calculate the amount of every material discussed above, the grand total becomes 1,402,000 PKR

Plumbing & Wiring Cost

The integral part of any house is the plumbing system. It is essential to ensure it is of great quality, as otherwise, it will require a lot of maintenance and repair that doesn’t go well with anyone, mainly financially.

Side by side with plumbing, proper electrical wiring is also the key element of any house. For the installation of the plumbing system including, drainage, gas pipes, and other things, at least 135,000 PKR is needed in 10 Marla houses.

Moreover, keep in mind that it isn't possible to handle everything discussed above on your own as many think so. So, you have to hire a professional in order to get everything done perfectly.

Also, an electrician will do their job making sure wiring lasts for long and will charge at least 115,000 PKR.

Other Charges

There is other stuff too that falls in the category of the grey structure of the house, like steel needed to install the chougat, gate of the house, grills, and so on—all this cost around 266,500 PKR.

The water tank installed in the house is part of the grey structure cost of 10 Marla houses. It cost around 18,000 PKR and so on.

There are many who prefer to get a termite spray, so the foundation is unaffected —the entire process of termite infestation costs around 35,000 PKR.

Labor Cost

 The labor force cost changes year to year. Currently, the rate of laborers per sq. ft is 395 PKR. So, it would bring you to the grand total of 1,303,500 PKR.

Grey Structure Cost of 10 Marla House Grand Total =4,937,000 PKR

Finishing Cost of 10 Marla House – A+ Category

If you think the grey structure grand total is all for the 10 Marla construction cost, you are mistaken. Even for the finishing of the house, there are several categories on which everyone has to focus on.

Tiles for the Construction of 10 Marla House

Everyone likes to have a home that looks better and different from others. That is why they decorate it accordingly by using multiple methods like tiles and so on. In Pakistan, Master tiles are the most famous among people as their quality is supreme.

Still, for better understanding, down below is the breakdown for you.

  • To cover the floor of 10 Marla house floors, at least 280 tiles are needed. The rate of good quality is at least 2,500 per sq. ft. Now keep in mind the tiles will cover all the areas, excluding bathrooms, garage, and terrace of the house.
  • For the terrace, at least 22 tiles are needed, and for the garage, 55 tiles are required, which will cost you around 1,500 per sq. ft.
  • For the bathroom, 135 tiles are needed, and the rate is going to be the same as the terrace and garage.
  • For laborers, you will have to pay approx. 210,000 PKR.

Marble Expenses

Marble is mainly used to cover the staircase and even for the kitchen counter and shelves. So, it all might cost you around 125,000 PKR.

Switch Boards Cost

Obviously, you would like to install top-quality switchboards, and in a 10 Marla double story house, you will at least need 25 switchboards. The cost of one quality switchboard is around 850 PKR. So, the full price is going to be around 21,250 PKR. 

Light, Lamps, and Power Plugs Stock Price

You will need a minimum of 25 plugs and sockets around the house, which will estimate a cost of around 10,025 PKR. The one item cost is 475 PKR.

Lights are something that indeed gives life to the house. So, the installation of light and lamps all around the house is going to cost around 165,000 PKR.

Fans Cost

It mainly depends on the individual which brand they plan to install in the home. In the home, 14 fans are going to be required. The good quality fans cost min. 5,000 to the max. 5,500. You can select one according to your budget. The total cost was going to be around 77,000 PKR.

 If we talk about the exhaust fans too, you will need one each for the bathrooms and for the kitchen. It means a total of 7 exhaust fans. Now, if you are planning to install the exhaust fan in the rooms too, then the number can increase.

The quality exhaust fans price in the market is around 2,500 PKR. So, if you multiply it with 7, the grand total will become 2,500.

Lastly, to install the electric equipment, the electrician will indeed charge the fee, and it is going to be around 25,000 PKR.

Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen and bathroom are an integral part of the homes. So, proper fishing for them is the key.

If you have one kitchen in the double-story home, you will need one accessory only, like one hood, sink, and so on. In case you have two kitchens, double the numbers and price too.

The price of the two hoods is approx. 100,000 PKR in the market, and the 2-sink price is going to be 30,000 PKR.

For baths, you will need several things like the sink, mirror, commode, vanity, and so on. 1 commode price in the market is 15,000 PKR, so the total for 5 is going to be 75,000 PKR. Moreover, the labor cost is going to be separate.

If you calculate the price of both kitchen and bathroom accessories, including labor cost, it will bring you a total of around 390,000 PKR.

Painting and Other Stuff

Painting is also necessary to bring colors and freshness to the house. Once the light fixtures and everything else are installed, it is time to paint the walls. Remember, it is essential to add multiple coats of paint to get extraordinary results.

Also, you don't have to pay for all the accessories needed, but the labor cost too. So, you will have to pay at least 784,500 PKR for painting supplies and labor costs.

False ceiling is another trend in Pakistan, so it might cost you around 188,500 PKR.

Windows and Mirrors

Installation of windows is essential due to several reasons, mainly because of safety and security. So, the process will cost you around 335,000 PKR. In order to give a final look at the railing and staircase, you may have to pay an extra 65,000 PKR.

Woodwork Around the House

Woodwork is quite expensive, but it adds beauty and luxury to the house. Mainly, semi-solid plywood is used to make the wardrobes and similar stuff around the house. It all cost around 855,000 PKR.

A+ Category Finishing Cost of Construction of 10 Marla House Double Story House = 3,916,925 PKR

Complete construction cost of 10 Marla house = 4,937,000 PKR  (Grey Structure) + 3,916,925 PKR (Finishing Cost) = 8,853,925 PKR

So, now that you know the grand total and wondering what’s 10 Marla single story house construction cost is going to be. Simple, half the expenses.

Similarly, if you are planning to know about the 10 Marla basement cost, firstly make the layout. Later, increase the amount of material and other supplies accordingly.

Keep in mind that the above-discussed prices are all estimated based on the information collected from different resources. There is the possibility that in your region, the price may vary due to multiple factors.

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