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Everything You Must Know about Smart Cities

Oct 22,2021

The population in the cities is growing day by day because people are relocating from rural areas in search of better opportunities. All this movement is disturbing the cities in multiple ways.

It isn't possible for the government to provide everyone shelter. Seeing this, many private developers are also playing their part in building societies that not only have amazing features but are affordable too.

Smart cities are all the new rage. This is because they are high on the sustainability radar as well as are highly eco-friendly.

In this blog, you will have in-depth knowledge about smart cities and their essential features, what is their core goal and why they are the need of the hour. So let us get started with the basic things first.

What are Smart Cities?

The word smart here is not related to intellectual abilities. It is rather a measure of how well the use of technology can happen. A smart city is an area that is designated with the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency. This also encapsulates the effective sharing of information and fills the gaps between the government and the general public.

From ensuring effective transportation to energy conservation, smart cities are the future of the real estate world.

What’s Smart Cities Mission?

The main goal of smart cities is energy optimization as well as economic stability. Smart cities promote energy conservation and promise quality life for the citizens. It is not simply the providence of technology but the right and needed use of technology.

The Best Smart City Features

Smart cities are providing a healthy balance of automation as well as are using ML (machine learning) for the comfort of their citizens. The best example of this is that people are able to pay digitally without leaving a carbon footprint. People are also able to find parking space in the cluster of cars which saves a lot of time.

In addition to this, traffic management is a piece of the cake in these smart cities. The infrastructure also promises to carpool and ride-sharing experience. These practices are highly eco-friendly because they lower the individual carbon footprint.

Street lights will dim when the streets are empty. This smart technology allows an overall improvement that rises above the operations sector and rests on planning strategies.

Another key area where these smart cities are different from ancient architectural techniques is that they are ready to combat the issue of climate change. some other environmental areas that are tackled by smart cities are:

  •  Waste management
  • Fleet management systems
  • E-rubbish collection
  • Air pollution

The Smart City also allows real-time assessment of safety measures. Residents can understand the crime rates properly. Smart cities are also laced with disaster management and reduction technologies that can not only inform the onset but can also help to devise the appropriate strategies for disaster reduction.

Another quality feature of these cities is that they have taken the concept of integrated management systems to the next level. These smart projects also ensure the provision of structural health monitoring.

Thus, all these features promise a future of real estate that does not offer or allow the wastage of energy in any form possible. With the help of these services, the government can provide on-time solutions for long-delayed issues.

Top Benefits of Smart Cities

The benefits of smart city technology are both diverse and long-term. Some of the best examples of advantages of smart city are:

  • Green initiatives
  • State of the art architecture
  • Urban city planning
  • The full usage of resource potential
  • Energy optimization
  • Traffic control
  • Health monitoring at fingertips

List of Smart Cities in Pakistan

At present, there are two visionary projects of smart cities in Pakistan.

  • Capital smart city Islamabad
  • Lahore smart city

Capital smart city Islamabad is the first smart city in Pakistan that promises all the aforementioned amenities for its residents. The Lahore Smart City is also an applause-worthy addition to this list.

Top Smart Cities Consultants in Pakistan

There are many out there who will say that they are on the top, but no one can beat Arkaa Consultants. We are a firm determined to modernize the real estate business.

We manage a diverse portfolio of multiple properties, but without a doubt, smart cities are the greatest addition among all.

The Status of Smart Cities in Pakistan

Pakistan is looking for new ways to bring futuristic and state-of-the-art architecture close to home. The above-mentioned projects are the building blocks of this aim. At present, Pakistan is hosting two projects in this category. But the expansion potential is still evident.

Capital Smart City

This is the first smart city in Pakistan, 4th in Asia. It is one of the first visionary projects in the capital city of Pakistan. The location of this ambitious project is also one for the books. This project is located near Islamabad motorway M-2, near the new Islamabad international airport.

Furthermore, the CapitalSmart City project is helmed by world-renowned real estate companies such as Habib Rafiq (Pvt). They have also headlined projects such as Bahria and DHA in Islamabad.

Lahore Smart City

In the picturesque location of Punjab, this project is still under development with a plan of connecting 5 major roads of Lahore; this will be one of the most easily accessible societies of Lahore.

The LDA has approved the NOC of the Lahore Smart City. Moreover, according to the information given by the developers, Habib Rafiq (PVT), the city has already acquired 20,000 Kanals property across the Lahore by-pass and has overseas and executive blocks.

Upcoming Smart Cities in Pakistan

The developers are eager to spread the smart cities initiative throughout Pakistan. They believe that it is the only option to address the challenges of misuse of energy and other issues that everyone is suffering as a result of overpopulation. It is also the only way to stand shoulder to shoulder with the developed world.

The major cities that will see the development of smart cities sooner than their expectations are:

  • Faisalabad
  • Jhelum
  • Gujranwala
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar

With the development of these cities, the primary goal is to offer a quality of life with the right possible use of technology and IoT. A digital world that is for the ease and comfort of living beings is another mission of this revolutionary development. Furthermore, they can easily be deemed as the best and profitable investments, which are highly beneficial in the long run. Thus, make sure to stay up to date with these pioneering projects

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