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Faisalabad Smart City - The Next Big Thing in Real Estate of Pakistan?

Aug 01,2022

Real estate is an important and growing industry in Pakistan that spends US$5.2 billion on construction and this is a major growth in Pakistan's real estate market. Despite the improvement, we have seen that many people in Pakistan still lack primary homes to live in.

It thus clearly shows that the real estate market needs to grow so that all sources of income can cover the needs of life in this era.

There is no doubt about the immense growth of the real estate market in the coming years with the most modern infrastructure, advanced facilities, and profit. 

When we talk about real estate property, smart cities in Islamabad and Lahore come on the top of the list of successful and sustainable projects. Both the Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City are by the same developers, FDHL and HRL. They are an excellent option for investment. 

Capital Smart City is the first ever smart city in Pakistan and a model of the futuristic and lucrative housing project that has now changed the dynamics of the residential real estate industry in Pakistan. It is located on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport. 

Lahore Smart City is the second smart city in Pakistan, making it sustainable with advanced standards of living in an ecological and practical luxurious lifestyle. The location is Lahore Bypass, Kala Shah Kaku Sheikhupura, Punjab away from the city hassle but accessing all major points. 

Developers of Smart Cities in Pakistan

It is a joint venture by the real estate industry kings, Future Holding Development(FDHL), and Habib Rafique Private Limited in Pakistan. They are planning to enter all the major economy-producing cities from each province. Faisalabad is on top of the list now.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD

Habib Rafiq developers have been in the construction and industrial business for over 5 decades now. HRL entered 15 years ago into the housing development and infrastructure business. And has proven themselves to be one of the best and most trustworthy developers in the market both nationally and internationally.

In the past, they have been a strong and influential share of development in various projects successfully like Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City.

Future Developments Holdings Pvt. LTD

FDHL is one of the top developers in Pakistan's real estate and asset management firm. The company assists other companies with futuristic projects like Smart cities. They also focus on providing luxurious and advanced living with profitable contributions to the customers.

The company was registered in 1984 under the Companies Ordinance. Several international and national business entities have joined hands with this organization. FDHL is a combination of two major firms that have expertise in technical and leadership skills, CLIC and EDL.

Smart Cities are Trending and Growing

Smart Cities are a hot topic in the real estate market of Pakistan. They are progressive, an innovative initiative that gave a new meaning to the lifestyle of Pakistanis. Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City are successful examples of smart cities in Pakistan.

Both the cities possess the worth to be the launching smart cities being the major, developed, and economically stable cities of the region.  

The other cities that could be the next target to become smart cities are:

Sialkot Smart City

Sialkot is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's 13th most populated city and one of the most industrialized regions of Pakistan. The news was winding in the market that Sialkot Smart City is launching as well but developers have denied the news. Now we have to wait until the official decision comes.  

Gujranwala Smart City

The management of LSC and CSC is actively and intelligently planning the development of smart cities in the major cities of Pakistan. How then can one deny the meaning of Gujranwala? 

It will certainly start there. But the time, location and other details have yet to be officially confirmed. If announced, Gujranwala Smart City will be one of the best and most promoted projects in the region.

Karachi Smart City

After the tremendous success in Islamabad and Lahore, the combination of the two top developers HRL and FDHL may start their project in Karachi, the city of light. But again, there is no confirmed news. 

The increasing demands for property and people's migration to Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi are raising the indications that the next goal and destination of Smart City will be Karachi.

Is Faisalabad Smart City the Next?

The current big secret is no more hideous as the chain of smart cities would be tentatively launching in the major cities of Pakistan. They say Faisalabad Smart City might be a surprise for the investors and buyers. 

Faisalabad is the 3rd largest city in Pakistan and the major industrial hub. Faisalabad has grown to become a major industrial and distribution center because of its central location in the region and connecting roads, rails, and air transportation.

It's the biggest textile city and most of the industries here are related to textiles. It is referred to as the Manchester of Pakistan as Manchester U.K. is relatable to it.

So having a smart city here in Faisalabad is no less than any greater successful project. As it will bring all the comfort and peace to the residents and prosperity for investors. It is a hub of the industrial sector so many employment opportunities for people make it just the right upcoming city for a smart lifestyle.

What is the Location of Faisalabad Smart City?

Deciding on a residential or investment real estate project, we always opt for the best location. A good location for a housing scheme guarantees its success in all ways. That is why HRL and FDHL will surely be developing this masterpiece in the city's outstanding location.

They would not only choose the prime location but also the access to the various important points of the city are also important. Given the success of their previous projects like Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City and their locations, Faisalabad Smart City developers will have invested a lot of time in finalizing the location of this project too and launching it in the idle place of FSD.

Undoubtedly, it will be located in one of the poshest areas of Faisalabad which will leave residents with high satisfaction of comfort, futuristic and luxury living. Exact location details are yet to be announced. 

However, the market analysis and information are related to these two places where Faisalabad Smart City can be located such as: 

  • Canal Expressway

  • Gatwala Commercial Hub

Now the question is why will the developers select from only these two options for location? 

Canal Expressway Faisalabad has already gathered the elite with the establishment of modern and attractive housing corporations, it is also an easily accessible place and has numerous scenic and significant developments.

Canal Expressway is near Khorian Wala which is a fast-developing area and would become one of the major areas of the city in near future. Canal Expressway is a 25km long road with no signal and hindrance and offers travelers a signal-free road from Samundari to Sahianwala.

If the final location is Canal Expressway it will have high ownership rates and will also attract a large number of buyers and investors. Its territory is already developed and has great importance. 

This area is already developed and of great importance. Also, it is an important route to travel to different cities and regions. 

On the other hand, if FSC is introduced in the Gatwala Commercial Hub, it will also attract a lot of attention. Real estate prices will be low and offer incredible opportunities for buyers and investors. 

Gatwala Commercial Center is located on Sheikhupura-Lahore Road. A 15-minute drive from the main city centers. This smart city project, if developed at this location, will be the largest and best-funded project at this location. 

Buying there will be very beneficial in every way. This project will enjoy proximity to some of Faisalabad's best corporations such as Paradise Valley and Wapda City.

Having a home in the best location possible is the big motto of a buyer or even the investor. It will return good profit too. Developers are well aware of the requirements of the people. So considering Faisalabad these two are the perfect options for a smart city to be located.  

What Amenities will be in Faisalabad Smart City?

The main concept is to promote and develop as well as enhance strategic growth in areas that can prove to be the hub of future investments. And Faisalabad Smart City seems no less in proving to become one considering the top-notch prior project by developers.

The major aspects would be some of the key features that will make this place one of the best housing schemes in the whole city:

Smart Economy and All Things Smart

A smart city is highly energy-efficient. Its working parameters are designed to prove the point of sustainability and all its value. This is what a smart city in Faisalabad will be composed of and assured to deliver. These structures cover a wide range of aspects that are not only desirable but also essential for living in this era.


The Faisalabad smart city will be opening a long road for investors and thus has become one of the prime hubs of Pakistan. This county will be attracting visitors as well as potential investors from all around the world. All this is a door to a new world that is full of possibilities and job facilities.

Comfort Living

What is that one thing that everyone craves when they talk about being at home? It’s the feeling of being at ease and having no worries. The residents there will not only hit the ball out of the park in this context but will get to have a living experience comfortable enough.

Fascinating Architecture

One of the best features of this project will be to give its residents a sustainable and sophisticated transportation system that is filled with a network of roads, pedestrian paths, and cyclist ways and will have room for movement. 

Cleanest and Greener Environment

It is to let residents know that the project would be planned in a manner that ensures sophistication and promises to keep up already established landmarks. All this is to make residents feel nothing but peace and calmness.

What Prominent Features could be in Faisalabad Smart City?

The citizens of Faisalabad haven’t seen such outstanding features as what they will get at Smart City. The developers have successfully incorporated the technology and are ensuring both stylized comfort and a luxury dream life.

Some of the most prominent features could be in Faisalabad smart city:

  • Eco-friendly city

  • Advanced security system

  • Cleaner and greener environment

  • Underground electricity

  • 24/7 water, gas, and electricity

  • Smart Apps such as for traffic, weather, electricity as well as internet

  • Smart and up-to-date housing plan

  • Avenues for recreational activities

  • Mosques

  • Park

  • Lakes

Faisalabad Smart City - An Edge Forward

One of the prime aspects of any housing area is that it can either make or break the association of world-renowned developers. Faisalabad Smart City will hit the ball out of the ground. In the real estate horizon of Pakistan Habib Rafiq is a force to reckon with and an established entity. 

Smart City in Faisalabad will be promising the realtors and investors long-term beneficial profit/ROI. Thus, no second thought comes that this project will not be equal parts worthy and enthralling, to say the least.

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