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How to Evaluate the Quality of Wood Furniture in Pakistan?

Aug 23,2021

Everyone's favorite place is their home, and it is never complete without furniture. The furniture not only completes the house but also makes it comfortable. As a result, it is critical to purchase the best furniture for your home at once, as buying furniture is not a cheap venture.

The majority of people in Pakistan prefer to buy wood furniture. It is due to the fact that wood furniture looks fantastic and complements any type of interior perfectly. Also, the wooden furniture industry represents 95 percent of the total market in the country

However, it is difficult to find high-quality wood furniture in Pakistan because there are many con artists who know how to deceive people and sell low-quality furniture.

So, in this article, you will not only learn about the different types of wood used to make furniture, but you will also learn how to tell if you are about to buy the best wood furniture.

Remember that just because a piece of furniture has a great design and a high price tag doesn't mean it's of high quality. Sometimes the price is excessive simply because of the appearance of the furniture. People who are able to find both looks and quality at a reasonable price in the market are fortunate.

Now that we know, everyone isn't lucky enough to find the best quality wood furniture in Pakistan. So, it is essential to get prepared before visiting a market.

Types of Wood Used for Furniture in Pakistan

Many people have no idea what the best wood for furniture is. Remember that the quality of the furniture is always determined by one factor: the type of wood used in the furniture.

Those who believe that each type of wood is suitable for making furniture are deceiving themselves. So, whenever you visit a showroom or an online furniture store, pay attention to the kind. The right type of wood not only extends the life of furniture but also determines its appearance.

Down below, we will discuss the types of best wood for furniture in Pakistan:


It is the type that is famous because of its strength and beauty. Wood is widely used to make furniture of different kinds like beds, sofas, and tables. As time passes, the color of the cherry wood becomes darker and looks even more beautiful.

The only thing that people have to ensure when getting furniture made of this wood is that it needs maintenance. Clean it on a regular basis, and you will see it last for a long time, as it is also scratch-proof.


Among other hardwoods that are favorites to build furniture, maple comes on the top. It is a solid and durable wood that has a light color and even resists moisture very well. The furniture made of maple looks excellent after the final touches.

Ash Wood

It is a type of wood that is of pale color and quite flexible. It maintains its strength and is used in furniture that is mainly bent or curved.


A kind of wood that is usually used to build furniture and similar types of furniture. The look of this wood is quite glossy. The wood has an excellent resistance against moisture. It is the reason this wood is widely used in making doors and windows frames.

The wood is quite expensive and isn’t available in the market easily.


It is a type of wood that is the hot favorite of many because of its color and features. The color of the wood is deep red and is quite expensive too. If you handle it with great care the furniture made with mahogany wood will last forever.

Furniture Features to Focus

Check the Joints in the Furniture

There are several ways to join the joints of the furniture. During an inspection, if you come across furniture that is joint with nails or in some other way. It is a sign that the quality is poor. The joints will lose pretty soon.

The best way to put together the wood is by using glue or screws. This way you are able to keep the furniture intact for a very long time. Also, it allows the furniture to handle moisture well.

The Thickness of the Wood

The thickness of the wood determines the durability of the furniture. If the furniture isn't made of a solid piece of wood, better avoid buying it. There are several who use multiple thin layers of plywood to make furniture. It is easy to figure out this scam if a person takes a closer look.

Remember, plywood comes cheap but isn't durable. After some time, the issues will become visible, and you will lose a lot of money in order to fix the problems.

Look for Wear and Tear

Buying furniture isn't as easy as it looks. It is a time taking task as there are so many things a person needs to consider at once. Among them, one is to ensure the furniture isn't damaged from anywhere. It is a process that takes time but spotting an issue isn't tough.

  • Firstly, check the handles of the furniture if there are or steel clips to ensure they aren't loose. If they are, it is a sign that the build of the furniture is not of the highest quality.
  • Make sure that if the furniture has sliding drawers, they have metal sliders. Because otherwise the wood gets damaged, it doesn't matter how strong it is as sliding against wood causes friction.
  • Ensure the surface of the furniture is glossy and smooth. You face no issue when you pick out the linings. Remember, the fading lines determine the ageing of the wood. The reliable and robust wood has clear lines.

How to Choose Wood for Furniture?

Now that you know the types of wood and even have an idea of how to determine the quality of furniture, it is a question that will surely come to many minds. Because there are different types of wood, and their uses are also different. Some are exceptional at building beds, and few aren't.

Here, it is better if a person takes advice from an expert. Remember compromising when buying wood furniture isn't ideal, as it doesn't come cheap. Also, buying furniture is a one-time deal for some, so you will prefer to get a piece that isn't comfortable only but lasts for long.

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