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Lahore Smart City Latest Update Till Date

Sep 27,2022

Smart Cities are the new way of living and roaming like drones on top of the real estate of Pakistan.  Lahore Smart City is the most sustainable and exceptional housing concept in Lahore. It is a name next to digital world advancement and high standards of comfort living a dream on land.

Many people have already availed of the opportunity of investment and are well familiar with the Lahore Smart City update by staying in touch with us. Those who didn't get the chance, don't worry.  

Let us show you the latest update of Lahore Smart City with a bird's eye view in words. And then will tell you all the Lahore Smart City latest developments so far in this blog.

Overview of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is the second smart city in Pakistan and 5th to be evolved in Asia on global standards for the infrastructural improvement of world smart cities. A smart town is primarily based totally on the idea of a green and sustainable city digitally. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City consists of advanced standardized facilities of existence whilst making sure a sustainable city lifestyle for residents.

Some of the features of Smart City in Lahore include an It Campus, a smart water irrigation system, contemporary infrastructure development, a hospital, viable traffic plans, wifi, automated street lights, and a well-advanced fitness club to cater to all needs of residents. Lahore Smart City is a trendsetter in the modern-day real property industry in Pakistan.

Alluring Location

The region falls close to Kala Shah Kaku and has no trouble from the main roads of Lahore along with the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), Lahore Ring Road, Lahore-Sialkot Motorway (M-11), and the GT Road. 

Top Tier Developers

The joint scheme of Habib Rafiq Group (Pvt.) (Ltd) and Future Developments Holding (Pvt.) (Ltd.) are outstandingly famous developing companies having reputable names in the real estate industry. Lahore Smart City is Lahore's best project formed by top developers at affordable prices.

Surbana Jurong, a Singaporean architecture company represents intricate aesthetics, perfection & architectural development in Lahore Smart City. 

The LSC was awarded the UK Business Award 2021 on 8th June 2021.

Lahore Smart City NOC

Smart City Lahore is officially approved by LDA-Lahore Development Authority in February 2021. Furthermore, LSC extends the point of practical living and eco-friendly residential schemes for the people of Lahore. An amazing opportunity for investors and businessmen.

Lahore Smart City Blocks

There are a variety of blocks in Lahore Smart City to cater to the needs of all sorts of citizens of Pakistan according to their range and needs. 

Let's give you a quick introduction of the Lahore Smart City residential and commercial blocks.

    • Overseas Block

      • Executive Block 

        • General Block

          • Commercial Block 

            • Healthcare Block

              • Sports Block

                • Education Block

                History of Developments in Lahore Smart City

                • 8th June 2022: 26 investors got possession to do construction of their residential and commercial plots

                • 26th May 2022: Marks the day of brickwork of 10 Marla Georgian Villas sector A

                • 31st May 2022: Sales and Marketing Office Formwork & Steel Fixing of Column started

                • 31st May 2022: Box Culvert-5 Formwork Fixing of Wall is in Progress

                • 31st May 2022: Main Boulevard Roundabout started 

                • 23rd May 2022: Community Park (Sector-A) completed

                • 23rd May 2022: Overhead Water Tank (Sector-B) construction on initial stage

                • 21st May 2022: The allotment and possession announced for residential and commercial plots of sectors B and A almost three years before promised date

                • 19th Jan 2022: The possession of sectors B and A has been moved up. The plots are now available for possession three years before the promised date

                  Lahore Smart City Development Update

                  Lahore Smart City developers are doing an incredible job in the development of the city. They are laboring quickly and efficiently in every sector of the housing community.

                  Sectors A & B

                  The developers have already constructed the different streets and lanes in Sectors A and B. So far, they have completed quite a lot of  development work in Sectors A & B.


                  Developers move on construction of Contemporary Style Villas is going really well. The brick structure of the villas are standing tall.

                  Georgian Villas

                  10 marla Georgian Villa’s are going through the brickwork.

                  Community Park

                  The construction of a community park is done. It looks beautiful to the eyes with lush greenery, palm trees as a signature tree of the smart city, benches to sit on and some swings to enjoy

                  Over Head Water Tank

                  The Over Head Water Tank construction is complete. It is ready in a grey cement structure.

                  Smart Stem College

                  The construction of the Smart Stem College is in its stage of development. It will be completed soon and will provide competent academic assistance to residents.


                  The developers worked hard to finish construction on the Roundabout on 11th September 2022. It is done intricately and gives structure to the land of Smart City in Lahore.

                  Main Boulevard

                  Main Boulevard- the expansion work is going on and soon we will get to see the grandeurs infrastructure of Main Boulevard in Lahore Smart City.


                  Framework of Mosques Dome is the new update on development of mosques in Lahore Smart City. Giving off contemporary design structure vibes. We need to wait for some time patiently to see the final product. 

                  Business Avenue

                  Business Avenue in Lahore Smart City is also under the process. The drains are being built underground. They are moving at a fast pace as last week the underground boundary framework was in progress. 

                  Boundary Wall

                  Brickwork on the Boundary Wall of the housing scheme is under construction.

                  Sales and Marketing

                  The Sales and Marketing office in Lahore Smart City has a steel framed structure installed so far. Over it all the solid construction will happen.

                  Mechanical Workshop

                  The big frame is placed in a shelter looking form. Around it a little brick wall is in the way of progress.

                  Overseas and Executive Block

                  For now, Lahore Smart City's new update is that the developers are concentrating on finishing off the Overseas and Executive Blocks so that residents can start building their homes. The commencement of the Overseas block has begun with a roar to provide the foreign living standards to the overseas Pakistanis.

                  A Route to Progress - Lahore Smart City

                  Lahore Smart City is progressive and the developers are fulfilling their commitments to the contemporary yet advanced lifestyle. The construction of educational institutions, villas, and homes is all in progress. The new updates on developments and construction are showing fast progress every week. All this leads to an innovative, unique and sustainable environment for living in residences and for businesses.

                  Lahore Smart City new update regarding development keeps on coming every other day. So, staying with us is the best option to keep up about your investment growth reports and much more.

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