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Living in Islamabad or Rawalpindi: What’s Better?

Sep 19,2021

Twin cities are famous, not only in Pakistan but around the world. The cities are renowned because of their rich culture, unreal infrastructure, welcoming and peaceful environment. So, if you are planning to move out to a new city, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are the cities that should be on your list.

There is nothing new that people always compare both of the cities for many reasons. Rawalpindi is only 14 kilometers away from Islamabad. Those who love peace prefer to live in Islamabad, and those who like hassle, colors, and liveliness prefer Rawalpindi.

In case you are still confused and unable to figure out whether living in Islamabad or Rawalpindi is the best. Don’t worry, as we will try to cover everything in detail for you, related to both cities.

While reading the points, kindly don't assume that we prioritize a specific city, as the comparison only clarifies the confusion.

Is it Suitable Living in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

There are few who might say that there isn't a lot of difference in both of the cities. But if you look closely, both the cities have unique characteristics that set them apart from one another.

To get a better idea about it, below are the points that are vital for both residents of the twin cities and visitors.

History of the Twin Cities

Islamabad is not an ancient city as it was constructed in 1960. It is a modern city and also the capital of Pakistan. The city also has a Grand Mosque known as Shah Faisal Mosque that is famous around the world. Also, the mosque represents the friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the city has luxury hotels, restaurants, and other sites that are great to visit whenever you feel like it.

Contrary to that, Rawalpindi is an old city famous for its rich culture and amazing ancient architecture. So, if you are a history lover and prefer to roam around local Bazaars, Rawalpindi is the city for you.

Raja Bazaar in Rawalpindi is one of the oldest markets in Pakistan. The bazaar is famous because you can find anything there at an affordable price. The China Market of Rawalpindi is also liked and visited by many tourists.

What is the Best Place to Live in Islamabad or Rawalpindi? 

The answer to this question lies in understanding the real estate market of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The real estate market of both cities is doing great, but Islamabad is doing slightly better than Rawalpindi.

People prefer to visit Rawalpindi for a day, two or a week, but in the end, they prefer to be in an area where they can find peace and luxury. Undoubtedly, Islamabad has it all. In case you are searching for quality and luxurious Islamabad places to live in, then you are in for a treat. 

This city will soon be hosting some of the best housing societies for living and Park View City Islamabad is a classic and premium example. With world-class amenities and stylized living, the real estate game of the city of Islamabad will be revolutionized. 

However, this residential society isn't the only one you can live in the future, as you can get benefits from other options, including  Capital Smart City, Islamabad.

Living Expenditures

The cost of living in twin cities differs due to several reasons. As you know, Islamabad is the modern city and the capital of Pakistan; it remains the center of attraction, even for overseas Pakistanis and tourists. The city offers luxury and a lavish lifestyle to its residents and tourists that don't come cheap.

 As mentioned before, there are many posh and good places in Islamabad, like malls and restaurants, and people shop from there. When you buy things from such brands, they are anything but cheap.

On the other hand, as compared to Islamabad, Rawalpindi is a bit of a budget-friendly city. In other words, an Individual can survive on a limited budget if they know what areas they should visit to find a specific product

Now, after reading this point, many might say that Pindi is the right place to live. But remember, the comparison is just to enhance your knowledge. In the end, everything mainly depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and income.

Security & Safety

Without a doubt, Islamabad is one of the safest cities in Pakistan and even in the world. The police force stays active there all the time. Even CCTV cameras are installed in every corner of the city, and the authorities monitor them 24/7. So, it is not wrong to say that it is another reason people prefer living in Islamabad.

Howbeit, luckily, Rawalpindi is also relatively safe to live in, and the main reason behind it is that the city has headquarters of the Military.

Food Options

Both cities have so much to offer to their residents in this area. If you want to enjoy fine dining, Some of Islamabad’s famous places are The Monal Islamabad, Café Aylanto, and so on. The city also has the best theme cafés and even desi spots like Chaye Khana.

On the other hand, Rawalpindi also has many eateries, dhabas, and restaurants. The street food of Rawalpindi is mouthwatering. Chappal kabab from Tabarak, daal from Mian Jee, and of course Savour Foods holds the essence of our authentic culture.

Traffic Condition

Traffic issues are something that causes frustration. It is a situation no one likes to be in. If you talk about Islamabad, you don't have to face unnecessary traffic jams or noise pollution here. The reason behind it is that the city is well planned.

Rawalpindi is a crowded city. Being stuck here in traffic is an everyday hustle, mainly in Saddar or Murree Road.

Now that you know the significant differences between both cities, it is time for us to wrap up the debate, and it is your time to decide which city is the best for you if you are planning to invest. Because now you have an idea about Rawalpindi & Islamabad best places to live in and their unique features.

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