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Types of Wooden Flooring in Pakistan: A Luxurious Must-have

Dec 23,2021

There is no denial in the fact that flooring is an important part of a house, as it completes the look. And the best part is that modern flooring provides multiple options to the house owners. It is a positive sign but at the same time, people get confused while selecting one for their house, as they have to consider several things, such as budget.

If we were to specifically debate about wooden flooring, it is something that gives an aesthetic look to the living space. There are many who might think that the options for wooden flooring in Pakistan are limited. However, in reality, there are many types. An individual can go with the option that suits the best with their needs and requirements.

The easiest way to decide which wooden flooring is the best for your space is by seeing samples and comparing them with your existing house interior. Now if you are wondering what the best wooden flooring in Pakistan is, don't go anywhere else. As you will learn about them in this blog. But first, it is important to understand whether it is the right choice or not.

Is Wooden Flooring in Pakistan a Good Option?

If we were to talk about the eco-friendly options, wooden flooring is the best to go with, as you will not find anything better than this in the market. Not only is the wooden flooring more sustainable than other flooring options available in the market. The wooden flooring also plays a key role in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. Moreover, wood is recyclable but many other floorings aren't.

Types of Wooden Floors in Pakistan

As mentioned above, there are many options available for wooden flooring. However, an individual should know the difference between each type and should also have knowledge about the suitable rates per sq. ft. So, lets, begin:

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is also known as solid wood floor, as it is made of real wood. As the name is hardwood, the individual must have an idea that each plank of the flooring is quite hard and dense. Mainly the density of the wooden plank is 12-20 mm.

In the past, the trend of wooden flooring saw a downfall in Pakistan but within a few years, it is again rising. People now know how valuable its addition is to any property. No other flooring can compete with this flooring, as it provides a modern look to an interior.

If you are planning to put the house on rent, hardwood flooring is the option to have, as you can easily replace it if it gets damaged. As the planks are made of pure wood, the chance they get damaged is high if not maintained properly.

Hardwood Flooring Price in Pakistan

Many might think that the wooden flooring price in Pakistan is quite high. However, that is not the case mainly if you know where to look and what's trending. These days mainly in Pakistan, teak, beech, and oak is more in demand.

If we talk about this wooden flooring cost in Pakistan it is up to PKR 680 per sq. ft.

Best Place for Hard Flooring in Home

Mainly people prefer to have a hardwood floor in an area like living, dining or bedroom. Even the areas that have stable humidity are fine for hardwood. Remember, the areas like bathrooms have a lot of moisture that can damage the woodwork.

Perks of Hardwood Floor

The hardwood planks are a refined version of wood, they not only give a natural look but each plank has a different color. It is something that makes them attractive. The other perks of these floorings are:

  • Give the house a luxurious look and increase the aesthetic appeal.
  • Everything looks more pleasing to the eyes.

Among so many benefits, there are some drawbacks of this flooring too, like you have to pay a lot of attention to maintenance, otherwise, the flooring might lose its charm soon. Also, the flooring is not suitable for humid places, as mentioned before, because it shrinks in such an environment.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring, a type of wood that is also known as floating wood floor. This flooring is made by compressing multiple layers of wood or fiber that provide a glow to it. All this happens because the planks go through the lamination process.

The demand for this type is quite high in the market. The other reason why this flooring is the first option for many homeowners is that the installation process is not much of a hassle. Moreover, the maintenance of this flooring is not expensive as compared to hardwood.

Laminate Flooring Price in Pakistan

The maintenance of laminate wood flooring isn't expensive at all and once you have spent on maintenance, you don't have to worry for a long time. All you have to do is clean the floor from time to time with a dry mop so it glows.

Now that we are on the topic of prices for laminate wood flooring per sq. ft, there is no need to worry much about the budget. In the market, the cost is up to PKR 350 per sq. ft.

Best Place for Laminate Flooring in Home

Not every place of home is the best to have laminate flooring. The best areas for the installation are the areas where you can maintain them without an issue. For example, don't install this flooring in the area where the footfall is high or the areas that get dirty soon, like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

The laminate flooring is water sensitive. In short, the flooring is the best for the areas that don't require cleaning every day unless the base is waterproof.

Perks of Laminate Floor

  • The installation process of laminate wood flooring is quite easy.
  • You don't have to invest much in maintenance.
  • The cleaning process for the flooring is quite simple too.
  • You can replace the flooring whenever you prefer without a hassle.
  • The options you get in this flooring type are many,

The only drawback this flooring has is that because of moisture it starts to swell. So, you have to be careful.

Pick Your Option Now!

Now that you know about the differences in each type, it is time to make your decision. Remember, any type of wooden flooring in Pakistan is the best to have mainly if you are an environmentalist. The installment of wooden flooring allows you to do little for the protection of the environment. It is a minor step but one that is worthy. 

However, if you are also interested to learn about wooden furniture, do read our blog on how to evaluate wooden furniture quality inPakistan. For more queries related to real estate services you can reach out to ArkaaConsultants.

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