Groundwork of Railway Underpass for Direct Access to T Road

Groundwork of Railway Underpass for Direct Access to GT Road Gujranwala

Lahore Smart City management has begun the groundwork of the Railway Underpass for direct access to GT Road Gujranwala. 

In a recent development, LSC accomplished the monumental task of bypassing the pre-existing railway tracks that hindered traffic from GT Road Gujranwala.

In a groundbreaking effort to provide its citizens with the most premium lifestyle experience, Lahore Smart City constructed an ultra-modern underpass to facilitate daily commuters with swift transport across railway tracks. 

The groundwork for the state-of-the-art underpass, which will provide speedy access across the railway lines, is underway at a rigorous pace. The location plays a vital role in the benefits of investing in Lahore Smart City as it is potentially growing and has expanded capabilities. The Railway Underpass will benefit, ensure smooth traffic flow, and increase the housing scheme’s worth and investment options.

Previously Smart City Lahore had a grand Overseas Prime Balloting and possession ceremony on 24th December 2022.

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