Harley Brain and Spine Hospital Team Visit to LSC

Harley Brain and Spine Hospital Team Visit to LSC

The Harley Brain and Spine Hospital team visits the Lahore Smart City..

As a leading healthcare provider, they looking for new ways to improve the patient experience and enhance the quality of care we provide. 

Dr Irfan Malik and Mr Leandro, along with other distinguished guests, were treated to an exquisite lunch and briefed on the progress of ongoing developments at LSC.

It was fascinating for them to see how the latest advances in technology and design are being used to create a healthier, happier environment for residents.

During their visit, they had the chance to meet with local healthcare professionals and exchange ideas on how to work together to improve patient healthcare outcomes. 

The team also explored some of the LSC’s amazing recreational facilities, including parks, sports facilities, and a state-of-the-art wellness centre.

Overall, they were grateful for the opportunity to have visited the Lahore Smart City and look forward to continuing the collaboration with the housing community.

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