Lahore Smart City Master Plan to Expand

Major Development Alert: Lahore Smart City Master Plan to Expand

In a recent announcement from Lahore Smart City, some major developments are creating a buzz. As LSC has been in the spotlight because of its futuristic approach to developing a smart city, the expansion of the project is making headlines.

After the succession of the overseas block, executive block, and harmony park, the master plan for the project is expanding to include Overseas East and Executive East. This expansion represents a collaboration between master planners and various designers, who are also involved in projects like the Golf Course and Entertainment City.

Lahore Smart City is steadfast in its commitment to creating a future-ready urban environment that promotes sustainability. This visionary city has already taken initiatives dedicated to fostering a green and eco-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for modern living.

This expansion is the first extension of Lahore Smart City and will be revealed before its upcoming 2nd balloting. However, due to the involvement of nearly 8 different designers, there is a slight delay in the 2nd ballot selection process, which is now set to commence on October 27, 2023.

While this delay may be inconvenient, Lahore Smart City assures everyone that the wait will be worthwhile. This expansion is expected to redefine the concept of a smart city, offering a futuristic experience that will leave LSC members excited and intrigued.

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