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Top 10 Reliable Construction Companies in Pakistan

Jul 19,2021

The construction company is an integral part of any country as it is a sector that plays a vital role in economic growth. There are many people who are unaware of this fact, but the scope of construction companies is broad. It doesn’t matter what sort of alterations you need in your property, All will be done by the experienced and professional construction industry.

Now it is essential for an individual to know that the construction companies in Pakistan are of multiple types. A person has to choose one according to the job they need to get done.

First in this blog you will get to know about the types of construction companies and then you will update your information about the construction companies that are leading the current market of Pakistan.

Construction Company Types

According to the nature of job, construction companies' types are as following:

Real Estate Developers

The real estate builder's developers are those who own the land and later build properties on it. It is up to the developer whether they sell the property before the whole project is completed or after. The responsibility of the real estate developer is a lot. They have to manage everything from designing to construction and even sales/rent.

General Contractors

In simple words, the general contractor is someone that the customers hire. They are responsible for managing everything related to construction tasks. Most of the time, the general contractors even play a pivotal role in designing a building, as they have a pretty good idea about the modern styles. Sometimes they even have to supervise crew members.

Small Renovation Contractors

It is not every day that you find big firms which are a part of this process. Mainly local companies do small renovation tasks like floor installation, painting, roofing, and more of the apartment buildings, offices, and so on. Yes, you understand correctly, they not only work in residential areas but in commercial areas too.

So, in the future, if you are planning to remodel your house, make sure you find an experienced and reliable firm for the job. While searching on the internet, you can find many small renovation contractors. Don't forget to check online reviews and make sure to get suggestions from others before you hire them.

Owner Builders

It is a term that confuses many. You cannot name owner-builders as a contractor, nor can you label them as a construction company. It is a party that does construction for ownership. It is up to the owner-builders that they use the building once completed to rent it out, sell, or for personal work.

It has been noticed that many hire owner builders because of their experience working in other buildings as a general contractor. Other than the business they are working; the job works as a sideline.

Package Builders

Suppose you are looking for professionals to manage the entire building process from A to Z, then package builders are the ones to hire. Package builders not only design and build a property, but they even help the party in land acquisition, if required.

The package builders have a team of architects, builders, and designers. There are times when they subcontract the teams, as they have links in the market. As a client, you don't have to worry whether everything will go well or not because they guarantee satisfaction.

Pakistan Top 10 Construction Companies

Construction is a word derived from "construct." The meaning of construct is to build—the building of dams, roads, plazas, residential societies, and so on.

The list of construction firms in Pakistan is quite big. Among them, the few top-rated firms are as followed:

WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority)

Everyone knows about this firm but very few people are familiarized with the fact that it also falls on the list of Pakistan construction companies. The company was established in 1958. It is an independent firm that has all the legal rights and reports only to the federal government whenever required.  

In 2007, WAPDA was dismantled among three elements of WAPDA, one power wing named Hydel Power Generation.

Now the goal of WAPDA is to build almost 5 dams in the coming 10 to 13 years in order to fulfill both the water and electricity demands of citizens. These are the projects that are inevitable for the development and economic growth of Pakistan.

Habib Construction Services
Habib Construction Services

The headquarters of Habib Construction Services is in Islamabad. It is one of the largest construction companies in Pakistan famous because of managing large but mostly complex projects. The planning they do for each construction project is commendable. They focus on every little detail, use modern techniques and maintain international standards while they are working on any project.

The company mainly offers its service in building flyovers, motorways, bridges, dams, bridges, etc.

National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK)
National Engineering Services Pakistan

NESPAK, is a remarkable firm, one of the top-rated designing consultancy associations in Asia and Africa. The company offers multiple services, including construction, management, engineering, and consultancy. The company was established way back in 1973 by the government of Pakistan. The headquarter of the firm is in the capital of Punjab, Lahore.

Roughly NESPAK has done 3651 projects. Among them, 90% of the projects were domestic, and 10% were international. Whenever the government of Pakistan launches some kind of project, NESPAK is involved in it somehow. Either they are part of the construction, management, or consultancy team.

Some of the major projects that NESPAK has done are:

  • Lahore Metro
  • New Islamabad Airport
  • Karachi Nuclear Power Plant

Habib Rafiq Ltd
Habib Rafiq Ltd

It is not wrong to say that Habib Rafiq Ltd brings a revolution in the world of housing societies development. In the real estate development industry, people trust them the most. For the past 6 decades, thia company is in the business and has worked on some key projects.

The two noted projects of HRL are Capital Smart City, Islamabad and Lahore Smart City. The few projects the company is currently working on are as followed:

  • M-9 Project – The Extension of Super Highway to Motorway
  • MW RLNG BASED Cycle Power Plant

DASCON Construction Company
DASCON Construction Company

This company was established in 1979, determined to excel in the field of engineering and construction. DASCON was part of multiple mega projects and is still working on many. One of the famous projects done by the firm was Bahria Grand Mosque. The few contained projects are the Mall of Islamabad, Peshawar General Hospital, and so on.

Vision Group
Vision Group

The Vision Group was established a decade ago. Within a few years, the company gained popularity due to its standard work and unique projects. The owner of Vision Group is Aleem Khan. He is a member of PTI.

Currently, Vision Group is working on Park View City Lahore and Islamabad. Some other projects they are working on are:

  • Abdul Kaleem Khan Foundation
  • The National School
  • Park View Signature Apartments, Gulberg, Lahore

National Highway Authority
National Highway Authority

It is the firm established in 1991 by the government in order to maintain, repair, and develop National Highways. Also, to take care of other highways that are specifically assigned to NHA by the Provincial or Federal Government.

The role of NHA is the main as it has to take care of 30 highways in total. Every day thousands of people travel on these roads due to many reasons. It is the duty of the NHA to keep the roads maintained in order to provide a safe and comfortable route to the people. It is not wrong to say that NHA is somehow the backbone of Pakistan's economy.   

Sardar Group of Companies
Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of Companies is a top-notch firm located in Islamabad, famous for building luxury residential markets in Pakistan. The most famous project of SGC was Centaurus Mall, Islamabad. It is the project that provides a lot of visibility to the firm.

PES (Pakistan Engineer Services)

PES (Pakistan Engineer Services)

It is a private company that is offering complete consultancy services from the beginning till the end. Founded in 1973, the company offers the services of construction, planning, supervision, environmental impact assessment studies, tender reports formation and evaluation, and so on. The team of this company is highly experienced, efficient, knowledgeable, and skilled.

The headquarters of the company is in Lahore. Because of its hard work and on-time service, this company is able to grab the top position in the construction industry.

Hassan Construction

Hassan Construction

A company with a diversified background joins the list of top construction companies. The company is registered by PEC and falls in the C4 category. The company staff is skilled and experienced. The services that this firm is offering are interior works, wall treatment, false ceiling, granite or marble tile, and so on.

The company assures to finish the given project on time, maintaining the quality. The company is gaining popularity in the market very quickly.

No one can deny the fact that the real estate sector of Pakistan is developing very quickly. This is why people need to update their information about these construction firms that play a major role in the development of the projects. Even the government is taking steps to support the construction industry, as they are playing a key role in the growth of Pakistan's economy. 

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