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8 Building Materials Used Widely for Construction in Pakistan

Nov 18,2021

In Pakistan, mainly people prefer to build a home according to their needs and requirements rather than buying a readymade.

So, those who have already decided that they will construct a home should know about the building materials that are used to construct the home. Commonly used materials in building a home are cement, steel, concrete, bricks, and sand.

However, the list goes on according to the choice of the individual and their budget. In this blog, you will learn in detail about the types of construction materials that are used in Pakistan. So, without wasting any time, let’s move on!

Essential Building Materials Used in Pakistan for Construction

Many elements become the deciding factor while opting the right construction material that will be used in building anything. For example, durability tops the chart; later maintenance comes, then aesthetics, material availability, and other things join the race.

The construction material in Pakistan that are widely used are:

  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Sand
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Glass


Cement is one of the key, or you can say, the most famous building material used in Pakistan. It is a substance that binds every other material together. The construction could not commence without this material. Cement can be used only, but mainly it is mixed with other materials like concrete.

The cement is also used to add decorative features to the building. In Pakistan, cement is available in many different types. Each type fulfils a specific purpose and is used in different construction types. When choosing the type of cement, the weather condition is also kept in mind, otherwise, things can go wrong.


Concrete is a mixture of multiple materials, like water, sand, gravel, and stone. Portland Cement Concrete is the most common type used in construction. The mixture consists of water, Portland cement, and mineral aggregate.

 During construction, to strengthen the structure of concrete, steel is used as concrete itself has low tensile strength.


The other common construction material used in Pakistan is Steel. Another name for steel is Rebar. It is a reinforcing bar that is used to provide support to the concrete structure, as mentioned above. In this way, the entire structure lasts for a long time.

Here we are not saying that building construction material concrete is not strong enough to stand the force alone. The only thing is that the addition of steel within the structure increases the durability a hundred times more.

Steel is mainly used in making pillars, roofs, or beams. The builder prefers to use stainless steel to ensure the structure doesn’t get rusty at all due to moisture.


Another material that plays a key role in constructing buildings is sand. Once the sand is mixed with the soil, it makes a pretty strong foundation for the buildings regardless what shape they are.

The sand is also used in the mixture of mortar. Mortar is a mixture used to bond brick, tiles, and stones well at the time of construction. Sand is also a key material in making concrete.

However, the sand used in construction should be alkaline salt-free, otherwise, it can damage the masonry work. Another thing an individual must know is that sand available in Southern Punjab, Pakistan has sulphate ions. That substance is highly inappropriate for the construction. The sulphate ions can cause damage to the concrete or mortar that aren't repairable.


Bricks have been in the building construction material name list for a very long time. The very early human civilizations used to use bricks to build buildings.

The bricks are highly integral for the framework of the building. Moreover, bricks are of multiple types. Among all, burnt clay bricks are the ones used in Pakistan commonly. To make these bricks, wet clays are used that are pressed into moulds. Once they are dried and baked, they are ready to be used for construction.

The quality of these bricks is quite good and have zero flaws. However, the cost of these bricks is more than other low-quality bricks. Also, once the construction is done, the individual might have to plaster or render it with mortar.


Building a new structure isn't as easy as it looks. You have to do everything in order to ensure the structure stands out even in the toughest conditions, and for that, stones are used. The use of stones in the structure base is mainly suggested by the experts.

You might be surprised, but stones are more durable than any other used in the construction. Also, it is a material that the human race has used for so long. A small example of it is the famous pyramids that the Romans have  built.

Mainly marble, granite and limestone are the types of stones used in construction.  Stones are also used to increase the aesthetics of the buildings.


Many people see wood as a luxury material during construction. But, wood can be used for the construction of several other areas, so ignoring its importance isn’t a great idea.

Wood is a natural material and is best in absorbing moisture present in the air. Also, it keeps the environment pleasant indoors. In Pakistan, mainly, doors, cabinets and windows are made up of wood.

In northern areas, wood is used to build roofs. If you wonder what sort of woods are used in building walls, floors or roofs, then they are maple, oak, teak and many more.


Last but not least,  glass plays a key role in giving the final shape to any building. Glass is used for windows, doors, and the creation of partitions. This material surely uplifts the overall aesthetic of the building.

Aforementioned are some of the best construction materials names as well as details that should be known by everyone who wishes to build a new structure. This is because a little information and thorough research process can save you a lot of money and ensure mental peace.

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