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A Detail Guide for Cheap and Best Places to Live in Karachi

Sep 21,2021

Karachi is not only the biggest city of Pakistan; it is one of the populous cities too. In the world, Karachi holds 6th place in terms of population. Karachi is also known as the city of lights and is famous for its unique food and beaches. Also, everyone in Pakistan knows that before Islamabad, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan.

But it is not the only thing that makes Karachi better than others, because there are many famous places to visit in Karachi. And it is the reason many get attracted to this city and prefer to live in it. The good news is that there are many affordable and best places to live in Karachi. But before learning about them in detail, it is essential to learn about a few of the best places that are worth visiting in Karachi.

Few of the Best Places to Visit in Karachi

     Grand Jamia Mosque: To your surprise, Karachi also has the 3rd biggest mosque in the world. The name of the mosque is ‘Grand Jamia’ in Bahria Town, and it is a place worth visiting at least once.

     Lucky One Mall: Moreover, among Karachi's most famous places is ‘Lucky One Mall,' one of the biggest malls in South Asia. The mall has a number of branded shops and other features to entertain the visitors.

     Empress Market: ‘Empress Market’ is also one of the best places to visit in Karachi. It is a place where the British colonial rule is quite evident. The market was built in 1989. It is the oldest markets and is located in one of the busiest areas in the city. It is the spot that is a tourist attraction as they are able to explore a lot there.

     Clifton Beach Karachi: If we talk about beaches, ‘Clifton Beach’ is one of Karachi's most famous places. A number of people visit this beach, specifically on weekends. Now it is better if you don't go there and try to swim as it isn't ideal for that. However, the place is perfect for having breakfast, tea, or corn.

     Pakistan Air Force Museum: It is a museum that is worth seeing as it has almost 30 different kinds of aircraft. The main highlight of the museum is Quaid-e-Azam's personal aircraft and even an Indian Gnat that was captured by the Pakistan military in 1965.

     Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum: It is something about which everyone knows and is also a famous site for visitors. It was built as the monument of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan. Fatimah Jinnah's (Quaid sister) tomb is also there.

Now that you know about the best place in Karachi to visit, and because of that, you are planning to move into Karachi, for sure you would like to know about the best place to live in Karachi. So, why not learn about them?

Secure & Best Places to Live in Karachi

Searching for a residential property in Karachi isn't easy. It is a task that causes trouble and frustration for many who don't have any idea where to begin or look.

For that reason, not only, the information related to the Karachi real estate industry is essential, but it is crucial that an individual have a qualified real estate agent by their side. It is because the agents have connections in the market, and they even know which residential society suits the best with your needs and requirements.

To increase your knowledge related to residential areas, it is best to buy a house in Karachi; let's learn about the most popular areas.

Bahria Town, Karachi

Bahria Town is a residential area that is the most favorite and trusted among investors. Often people say that it is a 'city within a city.’ The developers of Bahria Town always ensure that the residents enjoy all the modern and luxury amenities without worrying about safety and security.

Bahria Town is a gated community and has the guard forces to manage everything. The society has expanded over 16,000 hectares. Even though Bahria Town is also in Islamabad and Lahore, still Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest among all.

The infrastructure of Bahria Town is world-class, and the whole society is divided into multiple blocks. It is something that makes navigation easy for people. Also, the roads of Bahria Town are pretty broad, and clear signs can be seen at each corner of the road or street.

Now, if we talk about the commercial sector of Bahria Town, Karachi, it is emerging rapidly. The whole area is linked with the main entrance of the society and lies within the proximity of main Jinnah Avenue.

Here many might think that because society is providing luxury and modern features, buying a property here is going to be expensive. But to your surprise, it isn't the case. Within society, you can find the most affordable houses.

Scheme 33, Karachi

Society gains a lot of popularity because of the affordable options it provides to the buyers. It is a residential area that is relatively new and is divided into two categories.

     Fully developed area

     Under construction area

This Society is enormous, and that's the sole reason it has many sectors to create ease in navigation. Those who live in this society can get easy access to the M9-motorway.

Also, the society is surrounded by populated areas of the city like Bufferzone & Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Moreover, the society is a few minutes away from the prestigious educational institutes, such as the University of Karachi and NED University of Engineering and Technology.

As you learned that plots in this society are available at an affordable price, we like to give you a price estimation. The price starts from as low as 45 lacs up to PKR 6.5 crore.

DHA Karachi

DHA is a housing scheme in Karachi that is the favorite residential spot for many elite classes. Those who live in DHA indeed enjoy the real perks of living in an urban area.

The whole DHA is connected well with wide roads and has signs boards at each corner for residents and visitor’s ease. The society consists of seven phases, and each one is well-planned by the developers, keeping in mind the resident's needs.

Also, the commercial sector of the DHA is quite popular all around the city. The area has outclassed restaurants, shopping centers, and other entertainment areas.

However, the prices of plots in the DHA aren't that low. The average price of the property is 2.4 crores PKR approx.

Takeaway Note!

Now that you have an idea about the famous place and even residential areas that are best to live in Karachi, it is time to begin house hunting. We are very sure that with the above-discussed information within a short period of time, you will be able to find your dream property at a reasonable price

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