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Giants in the Sky: 7 Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Nov 04,2021

Giant architectures can leave a mark on any spectator. But towers or high-rise buildings are what lead the race. Tall buildings are equal parts amusing as well as symbolic. In this current world where we see these skyscrapers every day, it is now more evident than ever to learn the deep-rooted meaning behind these giant buildings.

If we are to talk about Asia, high-rise buildings are a symbolism of wealth and power. These tall buildings are an embodiment of a proud and soaring thing.

In Pakistan, the trend of skyscrapers is slowly taking place in Karachi, which is widely known as the city of lights, is another city that is not immune to this latest rage. It is the most populous city and is also hailed as the capital city of Sindh. People often stay up late at night, and thus the tallest buildings in Karachi are used for both purposes; aesthetic beauty as well as to maximize the space to accommodate the ever growing population.

Today we will be shedding light on the high-rise buildings in Karachi. So gear up as we are about to soar to new heights.

List of Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Here is a much-awaited list of 7 tallest buildings in Karachi:

Bahria Icon Tower

Currently, under construction at the seaside municipality of Clifton, this is going to be Karachi's highest building. It is not going to be your average tall building in the sky. It will be a skyscraper complex. The complex includes a 62-storey tower, which at 300metres (980 ft).

This building will be the tallest building not only in Karachi but is the highest building inPakistan. Bahria Icon Tower will be the fifth tallest building in the whole of South Asia. An adjacent 42 story building is also part of this ambitious project. This project is helmed by the leading construction company of Pakistan-Bahria Town Group.

Bahria Icon Tower will bring the architecture game of Pakistan one step more forward towards A-class real estate.

Bahria Hotel Tower

Bahria town has been leading the sector of urban planning for quite some time. Their ambitious and exquisite projects have made sure that the customers are able to enjoy stylized luxury in the best possible manner.

Bahria Hotel Tower is a classic example of such a futuristic vision. It is also under construction, but it will also be one of the tallest buildings in Karachi. The height of this glamorous project is a whopping 200 meters. This phenomenal building will have 42-stories for the customers. All this promises nothing but a smart and sustainable life.

Chapal Skymark

The main goal that was present behind this Karachi high-rise building is to achieve architectural brilliance in Pakistan. This residential tower is all set to leave a mark in the real estate market of both Karachi and Pakistan. Currently, under construction Chapal Skymark will be the tallest residential tower in Pakistan.

The building will have a staggering height of 200 meters. It is located in the civil lines, Karachi, and is helmed as Pakistan’s Tallest Residential Tower. Furthermore, this place can also be used for commercial purposes.

Dolmen Hotel Tower 3

A mixed-use apartment that is one of Karachi's highest buildings is situated on the waterfront of Clifton. The height of this gorgeous skyscraper is 151 meters. Built-in 2019, this building has 48 floors to boast.

This tower is a part of Dolmen City. Purchased at 100 million rupees, this building now stands tall at a whopping amount of 50 million rupees by 2019. The construction of this ambitious project started back in 2005 and was completed in different phases.

Dolmen Sky Tower 4

Dolmen Sky Tower 4 is also regarded as one of the largest buildings in Karachi. This is a combined project of Arif Habib Group as well as Dolmen Group. Arif Habib Group currently owns 20%, while the rest of 80% is owned by Dolmen Group.

The height of this tower is 150.4 m, while it has 48 floors. The towers were designed by Architecture Arshad Shahid Abdullah.

Hoshang Pearl

This alluring real estate avenue is one for the books. Hoshang Pearl is one of its kind projects of Bahria Town Developers. This elevated building has a height of 140 meters which comes with 35 floors of swoon-worthy architecture. Hoshang Pearl is an area that is the host to world-class and luxurious apartments.

Welcoming concierge service with state-of-the-art five elevators as well an executive parking experience all things points towards world-class hospitality and unmatched experience.

Bakht Tower

Bakht tower is a pristine addition to the real estate landscape of the promising city of Karachi. It is easily one of the highest buildings in Karachi. Boosting a height of 135 meters, it is a vision to behold. Located in the heart of Karachi City, this building has 38 floors, and thus it easily maximizes the space issue.

The architect of this breathtaking building is Arshad Shahid Abdulla. Kingcrete Project Management Pvt. Ltd is the one managing this striking project, and the main contractor is Times Group.

Skyscrapers: Real Estate Meets the Sky

The concept of skyscrapers may start and finish with Burj Khalifa for you, but the history of these giants in the sky is highly rich and long. These buildings have been used for centuries to figure out the issue of space. The purpose of these tallest buildings in Karachi is the same as the rest of the world. To reduce the inequality level and to allow more people to explore the latest avenues.

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