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How to Start a Construction Business in Pakistan?

May 16,2023

Construction is one of the most critical industries in Pakistan. It refers to building or infrastructure, residential, commercial, and other monumental structures.


There are big names in the private construction sector in Pakistan, setting the standard high. These private construction companies do everything from skyscrapers to stadiums, buildings, and homes with quality, innovation, and excellence. Some well-known companies in Pakistan's construction industry include:

  • Izhar Group of Companies
  • Descon Engineering Limited
  • FWO (Frontier Works Organization)
  • Habib Construction Services
  • NESPAK (National Engineering Services Pakistan)
  • ECC (Engro Corporation Limited)
  • Emaar Pakistan

Pakistan’s construction sector accounts for almost 20% or up to 380 billion PKR in GDP and employs around 30% of its workforce. This means you have plenty of opportunities to get involved with the construction business if you want to start your own construction company in Pakistan.

Here we will talk about starting private construction business, rapidly boosting the real estate sector, and how to start your own construction firm in Pakistan. 

Steps to Starting a Construction Business in Pakistan

To start a construction business in Pakistan, you must first identify the proper business structure for your company. This can be done by consulting an authority or accountant specializing in small businesses and startups. Pakistan has top construction companies to look to, and you can also be one of them.  

Here are some of the factors that you must study when developing your business plan:

Define your business goals

Define your business goals, vision, and mission statement. What do you want to accomplish with your business? What are your long-term and short-term goals? This will provide you with a straight path and focus on how to start and grow your business.

The business plan will help you assess the feasibility of your business and attract investors.

Market analysis

Conduct a thorough market analysis to identify your services' demand, target market, and competition. You should also consider the local regulations and licensing requirements for starting a construction business in your area.

Register Your Business

Before starting your construction business in Pakistan, know how to register your business with the relevant authorities. This includes recording your business name, obtaining a national tax number (NTN), registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

Obtain Funding

Starting a construction business requires significant capital investment. You can secure financing through different avenues, including banks, investors, and government loans. You should develop a comprehensive financial plan and seek financing accordingly.

Hire a Team

For a construction company to operate successfully, it must have a proficient and knowledgeable workforce comprising various specialists such as architects, engineers, construction managers, and laborers.

You should hire a competent team to execute your business plan and meet your client's needs.

Establish a Supply Chain

A construction business requires a reliable supply chain for materials and equipment. Therefore, you should establish relationships with suppliers who can provide quality materials and equipment at reasonable rates.

Services and pricing

Define the services you will offer and set the pricing strategy for each. Your pricing should be competitive but also profitable for your business.


Determine how much capital you will need to start your construction business. This includes equipment, supplies, labor, and other expenses. You should also consider how you will finance your business, whether through loans, investors, or personal savings.

Marketing and sales

Develop a marketing and sales strategy to promote your business and attract customers. This includes creating a website, advertising, networking, and building relationships with potential clients.

Operations and management

Define your business's organizational structure, the team's roles and responsibilities, and how you will manage your business operations. This includes developing policies and procedures, managing finances, and tracking progress toward your goals.

Risk management

Identify potential business risks and challenges and develop a plan to mitigate them. This includes managing safety risks, project delays, and other unforeseen circumstances.

By considering these factors when developing your business plan, you can set yourself up for success and increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Profit Margin in the Construction Business in Pakistan

The construction industry in Pakistan has been growing in recent years, driven by increased demand for housing and infrastructure projects. 

In terms of profit margins in the construction industry, the average profit margin is approximately 6%. However, this figure can vary depending on the type of construction business. 

For example, land subdivisions have the highest margins at 8.7%, while commercial and industrial buildings have a lower margin of 2.1%.

Therefore, if you want to start a house construction business in Pakistan, consider the current growth in the industry and the government's support for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Additionally, it is vital to keep in mind the average profit margin of approximately 6% and to be aware that this figure can vary depending on the type of construction business.

Project Size

The size of the project is one of the significant factors determining the profit margin in the house construction business in Pakistan. 

Large projects tend to have higher profit margins due to economies of scale, allowing builders to purchase materials and labor at lower rates. However, smaller projects have lower profit margins as builders may charge higher prices to compensate for their overheads and labor costs.

Complexity of Project

The project's complexity is another crucial factor that can affect the profit margin of the house construction business in Pakistan. A more complex task will require additional expertise, resources, and time, leading to higher overhead costs. As a result, the profit margin may decrease due to higher prices.


The project's location also plays a vital role in determining the profit margin of house construction business in Pakistan. Projects in urban areas tend to have higher profit margins due to higher demand and accessibility to resources. 

In contrast, projects located in rural areas may have lower profit margins due to lower demand and limited access to resources.

Overhead Costs

Overhead costs such as office rent, salaries, transportation, and utilities can significantly impact the profit margin of the house construction business in Pakistan. Therefore, these costs should be minimized to maximize profits.

Labour and Material Costs

Labour and material costs are the most significant expenses in the house construction business in Pakistan. The cost of labor depends on the skills and experience of workers. The cost of materials depends on the quality and availability of materials. Builders should purchase materials and labor at reasonable rates.

Why Should You Opt for Construction Business? 

The benefits of starting a construction business include:

Being Your Own Boss 

You can set your hours and work from home or anywhere else that suits you best! You are not answerable to anyone but yourself!

High Demand

The construction industry in Pakistan is overgrowing, and there is a high demand for housing, infrastructure projects, and commercial buildings. Starting a construction business can provide ample opportunities to take on projects and grow your business.


The construction industry can be highly profitable, with potential profit margins ranging from 10% to 20%. With proper planning and execution, a construction business can generate revenue and profits.

Job Creation

Starting a construction business can help create jobs and contribute to the economy. You can provide employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled laborers, engineers, architects, and other professionals.

Financial Stability 

Construction companies tend to make good profits because people always need buildings or houses built, whether the residential or commercial property (like commercial buildings). 

As long as people are living on Earth and want homes/buildings, then they'll need someone who can help them out by providing services such as design & build projects where they take care of all aspects, including planning permission applications right up until the completion date when the site is handed back ready for occupation again.

Tips for Running a Successful Construction Business in Pakistan

    • Developing solid relationships with clients and contractors.
    • Setting realistic expectations for your clients.
    • Keeping up with industry trends and regulations.
    • Staying organized and on top of paperwork, like permits, licensing, etc.

    This way, you can focus on running the business rather than worrying about red tape or getting fined by government agencies because they found something missing from your file cabinet! 

    Investing in your construction company's right tools and equipment is essential so you don't have to hire outside help at every turn. This will save money in the long run (and make it easier for everyone involved). 

    Finally, safety comes first! Ensure all employees follow proper safety practices at all times - this includes wearing hard hats when necessary and taking other precautions such as wearing goggles when working around chemicals or sharp objects such as saws/screwdrivers/etc.

    Construction Industry - Growing Sector

    The construction industry in Pakistan is a growing sector with a lot of potential for entrepreneurs. 

    Despite these challenges, the home construction business in Pakistan is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by a growing population, increasing urbanization, and favorable government policies aimed at boosting the construction industry.


    With the proper infrastructure, technology, and training investments, Pakistan's private sector construction industry can drive economic growth and development more significantly.

    Starting your own construction business will allow you to make money and help people who need houses or buildings built.

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