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The Most Impressive Avenues for Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Sep 29,2021

Even though Pakistan is a developing country and has ranked at 44th place as per GDP. Pakistan is quite popular because of its agricultural lands, sports products, and even seafood. The country even has 5 huge rivers and a population of over 200 million people.

For your price, over half of the Pakistan population lives in Punjab, which makes it the most populated province of Pakistan. Sindh is the second most populated province, and the capital of Sindh Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan along with other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar.

Now, here if we talk about the real sector of Pakistan specifically, from the past few years, the Pakistani real estate market has grown a lot. If we only talk about the property in Islamabad. Its prices have doubled since at least from 2010. Seeing this, many are planning to make a real estate investment in Pakistan, as they are pretty sure to get a good ROI.

According to authorized sources, Pakistan yearly spends almost 5.2 billion, only on construction. It is the amount that is equal to 2% of Pakistan’s entire GDP. In addition to all that, the Inheritance law in Pakistan is also a clear indication that real estate is an investment that not only benefits the present but its charms also extend to a longer and brighter future.

If we were to talk about the past, almost 70 to 80% of the Pakistan population used to live in rural areas. But soon after industrialization, the ratio changed dramatically. Now, approx 37.17 percent of Pakistan's total population will live in urban areas and cities, as here they get a better education, health facilities, and other opportunities.

Now, because the population is increasing in urban areas, the demand for houses is also increasing. Keeping that in mind, developers and investors are investing a lot in the real estate sector. So, it is not wrong to say that buying property is the best real estate investment in Pakistan.

Top Opportunities for Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Today in this blog, you will learn about the top real estate cities of Pakistan and the top real estate projects they have, where you can invest.

Best Real Estate Investment in Lahore

Lahore, the capital of Punjab and 2nd largest city of Pakistan, has a lot to offer to its residents and those relocating here. It is one of the most developed cities and well-known because of its history and culture.

Lahore is also known as the “City of Gardens” and has many great educational institutes. These are a few of many traits that attract many to this city.

Now, if you are wondering, what are the areas that are best to invest in or buying real estate property in Pakistan, Lahore. You are in for a treat.

Lahore has witnessed some of the most stable growth in the real estate sector for some years. It is mainly because of these low prices that with every passing day, more and more people are interested in buying property in Pakistan.

At this moment, the best property investments in Lahore are DHA, Lake city, Dream Gardens housing society, and soon to be on the list will be Park view City Lahore. All these aforementioned venues are true in providing the residents with the best possible facilities so that they can enjoy the luxury that has been brought to their homes.

Real Estate Karachi

Karachi is known to be the entertainment hub of Pakistan. Furthermore, the presence of the sea in Karachi does live up the things to a certain level. The real estate market of Pakistan is alive and well. So with the presence of the sea and entertainment industry, one can easily declare that Karachi is the best place for buying property in Pakistan.

Some of the most popular housing schemes in Karachi are

  • Saadi Town
  • Saadi Garden
  • Gulshan-e-Mehran
  • Scheme33
  • Bahria Karachi

Again in Karachi, DHA is one of the most trusted names that pop up in the minds of both the buyers and the investors. It is hands down one of the most sought after properties in the city of lights. The overall market trend for real estate investment is still going strong here.

Best Property Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is one of the few cities of the world which are so aesthetically pleasing that they leave their spectators breathless. This city is the epitome of grace and is the hub of official meetings. But these are not the only reasons why this buying property here means that it is the best property investment in Pakistan.

The best real estate investment in Islamabad can leave anyone spellbound. One of the classic examples of this is the Park view city in Islamabad. The builders are working night and day on the construction of architects that are the best places for Islamabad.

Real Estate in Quetta

Another place for real estate investment in Pakistan is Quetta. Quetta is one of the lively cities to live in Pakistan. from the temperate cuisine to the architecture, every place in Quetta is a sight to hold. This is also one of the green cities of Pakistan and hence is called "Fruit Gardens of Pakistan."

These features make Quetta a remarkable place for buying property. Apart from all the fruit orchids that surround this city, it is also a place for dependable real estate investment in Pakistan. The market is growing at a steady pace, and the features are impeccable. Listed below are some areas with which Quetta presents places for the best property investment in Pakistan.

  1. Zarghoon Housing Scheme
  2. Garden Town
  3. Quetta Avenue

Real Estate of Peshawar

If there is one city that has seen humongous growth for the past few years, it is this one. For the past few years, this city has witnessed some of the best development progression. This growth has equally affected both the residential as well as commercial property investment in the capital city of KPK.

In recent years, buyers and investors alike have developed a sense of trust, and now this is one of the best places for buying property in Pakistan. We have listed below some of the most sought-after places for buying property in Pakistan, especially in the context of Peshawar.

  1. Bahria Town Peshawar
  2. Peshawar Enclave
  3. City Oasis Peshawar
  4. Canal View Peshawar
  5. Town Residency Peshawar
  6. Nobahar City Peshawar

Why to Invest in Real Estate Property of Pakistan?

Because it is safe to say at this current moment that the major cities of Pakistan are doing well in the real estate market, but the need for new reforms and government policies remains. The market of real estate property in Pakistan could work wonders if the Government started taking radical steps in the management of the real estate sector.


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